The shift… Dear Clark I need your help with my twin flame!

stormofbeautyDear Clark,  I feel like I have to stay connected to you right now, you’re a lot of help to me and comforting at the moment.
Anyway is it true that there’s a large number of twins meeting now on earth? And how much of what’s written about twins on the Internet is accurate? Because I assume it’s a little different for everyone.
If there really are more meeting each other these days then is it also true that the world is going through a huge shift and changing for the better?




Even if the twins do meet my friend… How do you see them getting past the mind dominance of what is in place currently inside of each being? What can be written about twins would need to be from a twin who is experiencing it in all forms not from any distance or cause that isn’t an effect, but an effect in all the ways you can be connected. I am an experiencing twin.. so I can only tell you that the truth of the twin flame connection has nothing to do with the other as much as it has to do with the connection you have within yourself. How do you connect past any mind noise you can think of inside of you my friend?

When I saw the shift my friend. I began to experience how thinking is a violent act that keeps us from our own core. Thinking happens to you… you don’t happen to thinking!

Can another make you whole? or are you whole already? How do you know if know one other than your twin can allow the mirror effect for you to see yourself inside to the places that go beyond the mind made you that you think really will ever connect you to anything? A mind to another mind is interacting… how can they connect my friend? They see energy differently. Yet when you hold Rachel’s hand, you can feel her heartbeat within it? Have you ever make this the practice of the connection is because you always want to interact with your mind.


Yet if you spent all your time just feeling her heart how do you not know that you couldn’t speak to her heart after you truly became in sync with it? Who told you that this wasn’t possible? How successful you can think inside yourself will never release you from you to even see yourself more fully. A twin will do that for you.. a mirror my friend.. a mirror with no hidden agenda, a mirror that you can see to see how you interact in the world outside you to see that what you think isn’t truly who you are at all.

Here is something for you to see in a simple statement.

You stated Rachel is my twin… If this was the case wouldn’t you be seeking inside yourself beyond the mind made form of who you are in formless to be brought out more to the surface of what is not you. Not once have you mentioned this is how deeply she has reached into you.

You are more than a thought process my friend, and your twin vibrates this inside of you, you are more than what consequences or life situations that have played over in your mind.


Those conditions are just that….. conditions.


Shouldn’t your twin spark the flame in you to remove those conditions? Wouldn’t you be going inside yourself to see why you haven’t removed them asking the simple question is this truly the me I am and place love in it for her to experience the you that you are more fully?

Do you see how this very thing of twins becomes something it’s not.. You are whole inside of you in wick form.. The twin flame ignites this in you, or you find that this love shared in you is because the twin is ignited as well. My twin and I could sit in silence for 5 straight days and talk more than we could in 2 years of trying to say it out of a thought process. How many relationships do you feel could survive if they couldn’t communicate without speaking? Do you truly see to where this points?



Love deeply to the place the mind made you and your story no longer seem to matter not even to you, this is the place your soul is connected to your twin and to bring out what is the truth in you!



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2 thoughts on “The shift… Dear Clark I need your help with my twin flame!

  1. **My twin and I could sit in silence for 5 straight days and talk more than we could in 2 years of trying to say it out of a thought process. **

    This in particular caught my attention as it is what we share as well.

    1. How do you find this place inside you that can quiet the places in you to experience such a place? Making love in that place goes beyond what anyone will ever dream or imagine until this law of what they think happens will happen. you will it.. not think it… 🙂

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