Dear Lois… What is a Twin Flame from your words?

rich-cup-of-coffee-1920x1200Dear Lois, we have been reading Clark’s words on twin flames.. and wow!!!!!!!! Is all we can say it is almost a seed planted in my thoughts that changed but I just can’t grasp this in something I can’t wrap my mind around.  Can you explain what he is saying in your own way???????



Welcome to Lois’s Kitchen,


I will first ask you to put this apron on and say you have coffee inside you!  I know this sounds strange right?  You have been through a rough road filled with questions with no more answers to satisfy you or keep you understanding what the truth is to your connection.  By now your really lost right.  Well let’s do this…


There are 3 pots in front of you…  we will fill each one with water…  and put them on the burners on the stove.  After we set each one on the stove, all three will come to a boil right?  The first pot I am going to put a carrot in the water after we cut them into little pieces.  The next burner we are going to put 3 eggs into.  The last one we are going to put in some ground up coffee beans.  Of course you are probably asking yourself why this, what does this have to do with anything especially twin flames.


Well in truth it has to do with everything to include twin flames…..


As they all come to a boil for a few minutes we take them out and place them in the 3 bowls in front of you.


In the first bowl we have the carrots.. after being in boiling water what do they feel like?  Soft right?


The second bowl has the eggs…. after being in boiling water, lets take one out and break it, when you do this your find out it is hard boiled right?


finally the coffee, take a sip of it…   Taste rich… right?


Your probably wondering what I am getting at here?


Each one of these objects all faced adversity (life’s problems), boiling water, but all 3 reacted differently.


The carrots went in strong and hard, but they softened and became weak.


The eggs were once very fragile the thin outer shell protected the liquid inside but after boiling water they became hardened on the inside.


The coffee beans were different they changed the water itself!


This connection Twin Flames represents the coffee! Do you see how this should be how it is obvious it is to you?  What you make all your adversities into components, this connection actually changes the water you both are in.  It takes those and brews it to richness.


Clark is my words, just as my words are Clark’s, I enjoyed this very much! Thank you!  Does your connection combine you to speak from the connection you are within?




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3 thoughts on “Dear Lois… What is a Twin Flame from your words?

  1. Wow, is all I can say, while reading this, visions of my twin came to me and I just hugged him back. All I can say is you both are amazing and truly understand your life’s mission. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us. xx

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