Dear Lois… Patience….

11 11 clockRecently someone finished reading our blog she asked me to write something on patience.  So why not right?


Aren’t we all waiting for something always?  Waiting in line at the bank, waiting at the carwash, waiting in line at the grocery store, waiting for payday, waiting for a phone call, waiting for our kids to graduate, waiting for our retirement, waiting for a movie to start.


We always seem to be waiting!  It’s easy to become impatient! I meditated on the subject of patience and realized patience is just another deception of the mind, or rather impatience!  Either way why do we focus our energy on either one?


Take for example waiting for a ride in a line at an amusement park, if we find ourselves patient, the line still moves only as fast as its going to, anyway the presence of a patient energy is simply going to make the wait more pleasant or unpleasant. You can take the time to talk to whomever your in line with, learn them on a deeper level, or laugh at a memory, or you can get to know others around you.  Eventually you get on the ride!



Impatience brings anxiety, stress, agitation, rudeness, and sometimes even anger.  Therefore making the wait, not pleasant changing the energy around you to impatience and agitation for the remainder of the day.  Road rage is a perfect example.  The saying goes patience is a virtue.  I happen to not have any need for such a thing in my existence here in this existence.  Imagine a prisoner locked up for a period of time, would it not be much more of a peaceful existence should the prisoner trade in patience for acceptance?  Or anyone else for that matter waiting in line at the grocery store just by not factoring in patience and using acceptance instead changes the energy!


Whatever you cannot enjoy doing, you can at least accept that this is what you have to do, acceptance means for now this is what the situation this moment requires me to do and so I do it, without strife, without agitation.


The prisoner won’t be able to enjoy the loss of freedom for whatever period of time, however performing the action (doing the time) but they can bring acceptance to it!


Doing something in a state of acceptance means you are at peace while you are doing it!  That peace is an energy that flows into what you do!  That prisoner can now accept what is before them without strife, agitation, anger, frustration or any other negative energy.  Same goes for waiting in line at the grocery store. accept the fact the line is long you will eventually check out.  If its making you late for something eventually you will get there!



On the surface acceptance looks like a passive state, but in reality it is active and creative because it brings an entirely new energy into the situation you are in.  The prisoner can patiently wait for the day of release or impatiently wait for the day of release either one isn’t going to change that day, one way, or another.  Impatience won’t bring it quicker, however it will make it more miserable, but acceptance will bring inner peace to the situation freeing your mind up to focus the energy on growth and learning and doing what it is you are supposed to be focusing on.  The impatient pregnant woman, the impatience driver stuck in traffic, the impatient worker and father waiting on payday.  The baby coming, the traffic will break, the check will come it’s all about the energy you give off to make the situation more miserable or more pleasant and peaceful.


Life is always about the journey, never the destination enjoy every moment, accept each moment, imagine the peace this will bring!  If you feel you can neither enjoy or being acceptance to what you do, stop letting your mind lie to you!  You are not taking responsibility for the only thin you really can take responsibility for, which also happens to be the one thing you that really matters! Your state of consciousness! and if you are not taking responsibility for your state of consciousness, you are not taking responsibility for your life.  Find peace in all things, who needs patience?



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