The Divine Truth… Twin flames…


Thank you to Divine Grace for asking this and it turned into a post which was to long to leave as a comment… 🙂


Dear Clark, Sometimes I feel others are reading my thoughts and sometimes I read others thoughts as well. I also feel strongly connected to other people that are not my twin flame … Is it normal? Most of them are going through the same twin flame experience as well.

My Divine,

A soul mate can bring you the vibrations of this connection but not the whole parts of the places in you that are clear to either one of you.  This connection of souls can be very fulfilling.  You can share the same frequencies and share the same shared experiences and even almost identically share a thought process.  This is a stream of energy that does have it’s rewards.

Yet on the other side of the truest connection of twins, you can experience the mirror effect. What you hide inside you exposed, what you hide in you in pain will come to all the surfaces of all things.  This is very painful as you can imagine.  Yet much like child birth it gives you the birth of the shared flame of the soul.  This is the true yin/yang energy that gives you what you always felt was something you never could experience yourself in true form.  This connection is the eyes of the soul reflected back to you to show you the outer existence you have created without knowing. As knowing becomes so purposeful in combining you both.

As a new infant each birthed pain that was experienced now gets a response unlike anything you can say into words.  It becomes the truth of no longer seeking the other for answers as a combined soul of both positive and negative you now find this inside yourself.  Remember you now have the other side of you that now can speak to the other without the presence of the other.  The more you resist the more the pain persist. It is with grave circumstances that what was once mind dominance now becomes dominant of the souls true connection in being to another.  This other will experience the same mirror effect and as you can imagine with any birth the beautiful painful experience gives all the gifts for the pain endured.

It is profoundly unique and profoundly able to speak of itself in two bodies one soul, the unison of connection speaks volumes to the places inside you that a voice has never been heard until then.

The awakening of the deeper confines of the human existence are being summoned from this place as it is spoken about from the twins that have united. It is truth beyond any known form of truth the mind has made even in time.  Remember it is not the outside you seek to find this connection it is deep within you that this is called to when you point inside yourself.  You are more then a mental concept it is the resurrection of the soul itself without attributes that can dissolve any mind noise.  Inside is to where this points. Yes your twin can hear you inside of there without being near you or next to you.  They can be on the far side of the planet if you seek them.

This pull to polarity does the rest….

Do you see where this points?

Lois & Clark

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7 thoughts on “The Divine Truth… Twin flames…

  1. Dear Clark,
    I met my TF in November 2011 he had just got a divorce and I had lost my husband through an illness. We kept in touch through social media and through the radio as he is a dj and would play songs to explain to me how he was feeling, we went through many arguments and tried to meet up accidently on purpose on many occasions, we also met each other out and about on many occasions unplanned. Eventually we kissed and would meet secretly and kiss and talk but it was spaced out and we had many arguments as he would not return text messages etc and I started to wonder how he really felt. We never really discussed the connection apart from him telling me I was +1 and he was -1 and had I ever met him before. Anyway one of the nights I was suppose to meet him I bumped into an ex boyfriend and ended up being late when I arrived he had left. I then ended up being with my ex which I have ended with and was shortlived. He then ended up being with his ex but that has also finished. All my actions seem to be mirrored by him in the space of about two months. I have been on my own now for 2 and half months and I am dedicated to this connection as I realise what it is now, I also feel I am ready and have dealt with all my demons. However my TF has told me through telepathy that he is not ready as he sends me lyrics every night. I am getting on with my life and happy to do so but I wonder will he be ready like me in 2 months and if hes not and somebody else should enter my life what should I do? Should I wait for my TF forever?

    1. What do you feel you want to do my friend? Is he truly your twin, how were you able to be with your ex? what pulled to you that caused this? and is it resolved? Do you see how you say you are ready for him but your choices not to long ago were for someone else? And if you have dealt with all your demons what did you discover? What did you find in your truth? What have you still got hidden inside that you think you can’t heal as it just won’t do so?

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