Letting go of attachment… twin flame calling!



meditiate your life...Letting go of attachment..


Throughout our existence we will find something or someone we are attached to. This feeling although very simplistic still causes a feeling of loss when you lose it.  It isn’t that you lost anything of the being, you lost yourself.  You lost something you felt belonged to you to identify you as something you never are.  This concept is not just a concept it is the truth in being.  What you feel you worked hard for, do you feel you keep this when you leave? what about as you move on to something else?  Do you see how this seems to be an answer if you are going through something that feels like loss.


There are so many in pain because of this attachment, this can be seen when we see each other and know the other is in pain and do nothing about this.  The pain of loss, the pain of suffering, these are pains that continually keep you separate from the world.




Why is it that we continue to let this pain inflict those in despair and others don’t do what is within us in human nature to see this and help?  You can’t be involved with someone who is in pain, for to do so is just asking for trouble right?  Well those that hurt and are hurting are living alone inside with this pain.  We make it a choice to see this, what if we make a choice to do something about this. You reach out and grab their hand and ask simply are you ok?  This isn’t an attachment it is a gift that we have inside of God that allows us to break the cycle of pain that you can stay within inside the mind.  If they look as though they are in more pain this is your opportunity to say I am here, I am not going anywhere, I am with you. I can see the love in you is hiding I am here with you till we find the path to release you from this pain.  The thoughts that a person in pain are in place to keep the pain alive.  They never had someone say I am here. I am not going to leave you in this pain.  I am going to help you to fight this inside you.  How many times have you felt abandoned and added to this pain inside of your mind?


The symptoms of this are quite simple to embrace, this is the defining moment that you can change everything.  You give something of yourself that is not selfish nor is it going to require you to give attachment a chance to hide any longer.  Yes I said attachment hides inside of us in the form of thoughts that keep pain alive.  These are not yours to keep.  Yet no one had taken them away from you giving the reason to the mind to keep these steady thoughts of pain from you.  How can they hear something that is going on inside you, cause they are struggling to hear themselves?


You.. holding their hand and stating to them “you are not going anywhere!” opens the door they will stand inside to look around.  Do you see the simplistic place of peace I am pointing to.  The abandonment will now have to find a way to face the attachment to pain.  You are no more in pain than you are keeping the past alive to change it.  Both of these are false.  You can’t be in pain of something that has already happened the mind knows this and keeps it apparent only to you in the mind. How do you keep a deep seated thought about a pain you experienced and say this is ok to keep this and feel this, when in truth it is only the thought itself.  The pain is artificial!


Let’s say you have been beaten, lets say you had a love and that love left you with no real reasons why it left and you no longer trust anyone and are making this pain into an attachment you need to protect yourself.  Protect yourself from what exactly?  What is it that you can think up in your mind that keeps this attachment and the attachment to the pain alive?  Do you see how this can turn into attachment?  Do you see how this keeps you from healing and allowing the light of the love inside you to heal what you keep within you. When you find this out for yourself don’t you realize how you will want to show this very thing to others to heal them as you were healed?



Again I point to the core of this.. What we don’t embrace in pain we make the world responsible for and the world will continue to not see the place this points to. As a collective we can say this or that as it pertains to love or hate.. yet what you have inside you is a gift.. It can be just one of each of us to turn to someone who is in pain and creating chaos and embrace them. The pain cycle of thought stays alive based on this very thing cause we don’t do this. We help crucify them more do we not?


If an interacting mind is created from inside itself and gets inflicted with pain this pain keeps the reasons alive to do these things we see as hate. It is not to be carried in this way.. Yet inside of you is one voice it never hears anyone else and it is seeking answers to this very deep place inside you that can only see everyone ignore it, as this pain grows in thought about why it is. It asks a simple question why me? why did this happen to me, After a period of time the thought process makes another choice it says I deserved this, I am not worthy of love.. I am hurting and because I hurt I will hurt others.. what you give to yourself you will give to everyone else.


We all have the gift of stopping pain when it happens, we can feel it.. the trueness of this comes out being next to someone in pain an uncomfortable feeling presents itself. We have been so trained on ignoring and allowing this we forget that they are connected to us in this moment or the next. When you can simply make the choice to change this something in you fundamentally changes… the world of opposites can be dissolved. Minds interacting with minds are what got us here. Isn’t this the line in this moment that we can see it for what it is. How many have heard a child cry and your heart melted? You wanted to say something and didn’t.. do you realize that you once where that child and that is why it struck your soul?


Even a simple p that this states shows you the pain concealed within the very thing that keeps us apart and keeps us in the pain and the attachment the pain creates to keep us in thought about that pain and turns it to hate, to violence, to disruption. How do you stop something you don’t embrace to place truth within? when does this become a choice inside of the light you are to shine into the darkness of them and yourself?




Shine your light… it is all that is required..


The cycle of the wounded heart has been around as long as self infliction and hurting others has been here. These souls are trapped inside giving love where the mind takes over and keeps the pain alive, remembering this episode, that particular pain, it seems a cycle of this pain is only here cause we all allow this to stay in those we know are in pain. This is the deep rooted place inside of someone who had to endure pain and then think their way out of every life situation that arises. They then will continue the path of this one life situation to that life situation. They even start to create these inside of their mind. As a being of light this is when you need to go to those you know are in pain. Stand with them, look them in the eyes and say you are no longer alone. I am not going to leave you, I know no one was there before when things happened to you I am here now. I am never going to leave your soul in this, I am going to lead you out of this. I do love you, you are full of love, I will stand with you and bring that love forward. I will embrace the love you don’t know how to give so you can find your way. Do you see how this very thing stops those cycles. As we continue to reach out to each other without this one thing. Aren’t we just allowing it to continue. This changes when you heal yourself and can heal others. This is the only step in this direction we have not tried. Isn’t it time?


When does attachment become the place we fight disease it is not that it requires anything more than love placed inside of it?


Lois and Clark

Published by Relationship Reinvented


2 thoughts on “Letting go of attachment… twin flame calling!

  1. We tend to attach to someone when we feel incomplete and not ready to face our innermost selves… Attach to people and things to complete us and make us happier.. and make them later responsible for our happiness.
    This is why it’s so important to be a complete self-reliant being and find that source of unconditional happiness inside. Then no matter what is lost or falls apart around – it can’t influence your happiness because it resides within.

    Sounds idealistically, but this is something to continue self-development for 🙂

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