The flame inside you….

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Do you ever realize how different we are yet we are the same?  The stream of energy that you are is combined of essence in general of all things. It can not be seen in the eyes of someone who is combined of thought. If you see beyond it you can see the energy that I am referring to.  I was recently asked a question as to how I see things or have premonitions that are either future or past moments and do I believe that those that can are gifted?


We all are gifted these tools are no more than a condition of not thinking rather than what they are.  Any medium or someone practicing how to see things that were can tell you that. It is the art work of energy in motion. You see as energy is around us depending on thought we can exact or embrace what energy is showing us in any given moment. How much content you remove from your mind will show you this, you will have the ability to see everything in motion and in movement..  The statement “There is always something going on.” Will be found in this particular place. You can see love coming to and from. In other words how you think has a small percent of the energy that illuminates your being. This can be found in how active you are in thought. If your feeling something we all feel it, it is no more a mystery of what you feel when you clear the mind to hear it for what it is.


What if I told you that we have taken so much time feeding the mind with content we have only missed the opportunity to be something more? You can elevate yourself without any thoughts about this, you can take flight outside of your body to feel the energy of everything that we have so brilliantly placed in the background of what we are based on from the residual self image the mind creates for you.  This gravitational pull is to keep us not just in place, but we never know that the opposite side of the spectrum of being souls that drive the human vehicle of the body we all are within.  You do have this essence and in this writing I want you to feel this to know that I am doing as I always do which is to point you to a new truth about yourself that needs more weight in order for you to feel the radiant love of energy that you are.  You feel this in transition of sleeping, of waking, of walking. or interacting with others who are soul confined wanting to be free.


I want to speak to you today about how these little differences of who you are, why you are, and what you truly are need of to evolve. If you go back and read any history there is the great tragedies that we all endured in some way as a form of energy that was created without our input, was placed to dictate the violence we see in everything.  This violence was created with very little input from the energy you are,  and with unison is the only way to take this right we have back. It is the human experience of existence.  We all were brought here into this existence to experience the many tragedies and the many brilliances of what it means to be in space as form.  You will not have this when you leave, as this door remains open, it is time for us to walk through it, not in thinking it through, but in embracing it through knowing.  You know more than your senses tell you because of thought. The capacity can only expand in this knowing.  You don’t have to be book smart to embrace this knowing. It is inherently placed inside you coming into this form.


We all were given the ability to have a thought process, some think they are doing things for the greater good, some think and will ultimately do bad. It is not by choice it is by consequence. We all have experienced pain some more than others to a great detail.


What if I told you these same laws we have created in separateness are still here embedded keeping us from seeing the true energy we are.  We are energy, have you really allowed this thought to process and stay in place.  This magic is duplicated throughout everything.  The lighting of a match shows you birth and death in a very small space and small time.  Although to the match it is existence that stays long enough to make sure you experience the light and the burning even after it is somewhat gone. It truly is never gone, the smell stays, the heat stays and even your friction you created gets sent out to the universe. Now do this, imagine that all the thoughts you create do the same thing. They are let out into existence, how you caress this known fact determines what will be sent out from your being into existence.


I have stated clearly before a truth that is your life is infinite, this existence is not. Your form will change, and what is deeply profound here is that it happens to all that is alive and not alive.  Alive is a statement we take from granted thinking instead of connecting.


Why is the perfect question why did we think our selfs into disconnection rather than connection itself?  We have existed lopsided, and caused the current mode of knowing into a small form of what we do, and we think in a very small space.  Why not expand and see that all the energy blends, how we create the music of existence is up to us.  I am choosing the word music here, because we all have this song that plays that distinctly has been how we view our world through our own eyes.


Ever heard a song that a chorus or the crescendo hit you and made tears come to your eyes?  Then you can understand the love I am placing within stating all of this to you it is made up of the same fabric of energy in tears… Tears you can feel, tears that call to you in your sleep, and your waking moments of no mind.


How you choose to view this post can hit you in one way and one way only.. It is to wake you to something more within you that can accept energy and see energy inside yourself to see how your thought process has misguided you into thinking that your color, your level of intelligence from the mind, your ability to see someone and say nothing and how you even feel in your own surroundings allows this energy to contain you and keep you where you are.. not disconnected but deeply connected is truth. This knowing is why I am stating this, it is what you need to know deeply before you go through the door of existence.   It is time we all held onto what the unknown is and stop gravitating to the known collective thought that is destroying us one at a time.  You are more, you are beautiful, you are the love you possess even inside of the pain your mind calls to you to make sure you are still living.. you are existing in this form… You even have another who can feel your vibrational energy more vibrantly than what you can see or know inside the mind.  Isn’t it time to collect what we came here to collect and embrace the connection of being? Truly being is the capsule to what the soul is going to be able to experience much broader when the weight of all the energy you are decides to be.. It is the only truth you can know without me or anyone else telling you.  You can allow everyone around you to feel it the way it was meant to be, not the way you think it to be.


If you find yourself as an introvert realize your energy is the most powerful it can change the color in any room, it can change the current of love in any room.  No one can tell you this as they always lose their words… I don’t have to stop telling you and I won’t for it is what I am here.. It is my purpose..  Light the flame inside you!  It is time!  If you say I am working on it, you are missing this one key thing to bring you along the way.. and that is the present moment.. you truly have nothing else but that.. no material needed.. Just this moment and the love that is surrounding you in energy.  How will you interact with it?  How will you change your energy to adapt and to connect? It is a choice of seeing it cause it will do it without you even knowing.. as your mind will do the impacting itself.  Is that how you want to impact everything?




The soul…



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4 thoughts on “The flame inside you….

    1. You are a beautiful soul to my friend… felt your energy seeking an answer in this and you did! It is an honor that you responded to me! I feel it as though I breathe all love in it my dear friend! 🙂

      1. Your posts always hold deep feelings. I wish you happiness in your life. I do, however, wonder occasionally if what people blog about are their true feelings or if it is all fake? I am not saying that this is true about you by any means, and I did not mean to offend if it has, but I do not usually comment as I don’t believe that it is possible for others to care about anything other than themselves. But, with all of that swimming around in my head, I felt as if you needed to be told how insightful your posts are. People never realize just how much a friendly comment, smile, or gesture can make another feel. I apologize for the long comment. I hope your day and days are wonderful.

      2. I am aware and awake.. If I was to seek something in my mind to post I would always come up with something that is not near any truth.. I have to let it come as words come. This depth is only true when you seek nothing but what it is from all angles not just rants or pain or a view of the outside world. For those will always give you a reason to have your mind become activated in the chance for survival, for judgement, for something that I have no use for. Don’t get me wrong I was that way before I died.. it just wasn’t any truth I could point to. When you allow the world to be seen from inside yourself you no longer see anything as those things that you say here. Offended, defended those are words that have no meaning within me. It is the state of placing what I have inside me in truth to be felt. You feel it? You ever realized that it can not only release you from yourself it releases you from any non truths within you? You have an immediate depth that is within you now.. it is never not with you.. it is as beautiful as the way any form of nature would be without anyone placing words inside it. Words create the violent nature of what it means to live entirely in the mind that will always give you a good and bad, attack or defend.. these are never you.. you are more.. you always have been and always will be.. and in this moment you are the most beautiful you are going to be.. this moment is that continuous moment it always is. Do you see this inside of you? It is outside to, just allow that energy to be your purpose and your true purpose finds you. It finds me as it did in this post or anything I write. It comes so fast I can sometimes keep up with it and write with it. It is fortunate when that happens. You should hear me talk it is no different than I write.. Much love this finds you in.. here is to you and yours.. sending love your way! Clark

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