You are never without me… even when you think you are…

The doorway to healing… You may be going through things
in your life.. always giving to others always trying to protect or
do the right thing even when it feels you may be doing the wrong
thing. Sometimes we make choices and live a certain way because of
things we will never get passed really.angel Why I am going here is
important, and it is for the reason that someone has never reached
inside you, and told you what I am going to do at this time. For
all the innocence in you that had never had anyone to hear you, I
am here to tell you that you are going to be loved beyond love from
me.. The pain that has been stuck in you, to be relived in your
nightmares, in your thoughts, and the misbelief that no one was
there to hear your screams and believe in you knowing you needed
help, you needed to be protected, you needed someone to hold you
through your screams…. I do. I know you went through such things
when you were a child, when you were a teen and how it placed a
thread in you to become the person identified inside as you became
an adult based on this fabric. So many moments have passed by no
one told you that you were going to be ok, only you inside your
mind, no one told you that you were special, only you did at that
moment, and then you felt scared cause you believed in something no
one could seem to understand or hear, and no one was there to
protect you, no one was there to tell you why you placed your trust
there, only to have it destroyed repeatedly and then you found
something in you, that seemed to want to protect yourself and
everything in your sight to be something that you could believe,
you had to protect, and guard, and hide. You have suffered long
enough, the pain you keep inside, I am sorry that it happened.. I
am sorry it took you this long to find this, and know that inside
me I am truly sorry, and I am always going to listen to you, and
that you no longer need to hide from the lies that you are not
more… you are indeed more….. No matter what you had
experienced, no matter what pains you kept to make the decisions
you made, I am here, and I will always be here. I will always give
you all the love I have in me to make sure you have the path to
heal through this. Not because I listened and understood your pain,
but because I have lived it by touching in you all the pain that
one can endure in this existence. You lost this innocence, and I am
here to help you reclaim it through holding you through it all,
touching you through it all… giving you silence when you need it,
and giving you a kiss when it no longer seems that you can even
feel yourself, cause of the numbness of facing it all. In ones
existence here they will have a heartbeat that beats for the entire
time they are here. Each beat gives them the opportunity to love
deeper than they did the moment before if they can stay in sync
with it paying closer attention to it. It gives this beat as long
as we are here. We forget this, mainly cause of what we see on the
outside of ourselves. We lose this path to that feeling of knowing
it is real, cause others who we see on the outside don’t stop to
feel their own. Yet, when you take the time, and stop and realize
it, you know that you are connected to everyone else and everything
else. I am connected to you and I want you to know everything I
am.. the love that is my energy is yours combined to make it ours.
To heal through, to fight through, to pain through, to laugh
through, to embrace not just those things in you that you feel
locked away into, but beyond that. I am here to let you know that
true love is real. It is real in me as much as it is real watching
a sunset or sunrise and knowing the beautiful places that can also
be tragic are love to. You can’t be lost when you reach out, and I
will grab your hand, it is not being lost when you can feel that.
Even if we don’t know where we are. What matters most is this very
thing. It doesn’t require you to think about what I am saying here.
You should feel the tears come from me as I pledge to you writing
this that your tears are combined now.. they have a light all to
there own. It is releasing as long as you hold me tighter through
the tears you feel in knowing that I can hear you. There will never
be a time that I am not connected to you, there will never be a
time that I am not in sync with you. I will be completely connected
to you beyond any place, form or realm. Freed is the body you may
move in, as the soul comes through to finally realize it is not
protected from what can be judgement, persecution, cautious
behavior, torture from others who were supposed to love and protect
you. I will always be that shield for you although it may seem I am
not their in the physical, but I am always there inside you to be
stronger than you were without me. It is not in ego that you keep
me, for that will always make you hear something the mind will say.
You now can speak out loud inside and I will hear you. I will heart
you.. I will embrace you. I will always be here inside you.. not
just to know you are, but because you are. If I never made the
pledge you would not know I was here. Signed, Your

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24 thoughts on “You are never without me… even when you think you are…

    1. Yes… Lois and I were discussing where this came from.. My emotional state was quite tearful when writing this seriously took my 20 minutes and now I look like a polar bear cause my eyes are puffy. We discovered a new gift from this. It is amazing how when you stand back and look at it. Something in you says….. yes….

  1. Soul survived all that body endured but the stabs inside the soul were deep and bruises still new.mind healed, so did heart and flesh..but remembers and keeps silence for your life’s longetivity..when it escapse this mind and body..only then it could be free..and pure once before…when it hadn’t entered and got trapped..inside you..

    1. The soul is not trapped it is embedded in being… It doesn’t require the pains of what is outside you to be.. Nor does it weigh what has happened or happens to you to be. It accepts all these to experience and never abandons you….it never looks at it as in fault.. Your mind does ….the soul….it weighs this and still says it is not something I see… I see you and loves you through it… It is neither a consequence or a reason to….. still it says I see nothing other than your essence, it embraces you and falls in love with you no matter the human choices you make.. You can fight this or not fight this, no matter the choice it will never leave you… Is this not a fact? Can you stop your soul from animating even if you leave here? It will not your mind will….

      1. Who is, ” you” or ” me” in a it heart or mind..or is the soul that combines all the three and then emerges as , “being” a person. Soul does suffer when you commit sin or painis inflicted,its trapped and commits suicide to escape gets free when your stop to breathe..heart stops..mind fails..body gets buried or burned..but soul has goes away..returns to whereit has come to reside momentarily..each night it leaves your body and goes around and feels some freshness..tired from your bodily imprisonment..soul is trapped..don’t you feel..its trapped inside you..inside everyone..

  2. I was crying by the second paragraph. And the background on the page seemed to fade away and turn to stars. I didn’t notice until it came back.

    Increadibly powerful. Increadibly redeeming and inspiring. It made me get up and stretch. The heartbeat. It seems to take the place of breath while reading this.

    Your words are more than just words. It came through magnificantly here.

    1. The soul has never judged, you tge soul just allowed you to be as you are staying silent… It is you who is touched inside made love to even when you think you are not being… You truly are in being!

  3. Anyone else have that feeling that “I am happy beyond happy , thrilled to be alive” every morning when they wake up? Then! The day SUCKS! The next day, you wake up within that same feeling- “happy to be alive” … So on, etc… Etc… So on…. Until the point where life becomes so unbearable, so difficult, so many hurdles that you loose this feeling? You now awake to “not again!!” You do everything in your power to get that feeling back! You fail… Then, you realize (decades later) how much you have learned! You realize the blessings of the pain! The blessings within the pain. Without the “hell” to go through, you would not have learned ANYTHING! It is hard to be a pessimist with an optimistic view. Next to impossible! I still believe that “happy” feeling will return !

    1. You clearly stated here the permission you choose not to give yourself.. You are stating that you believe and then you state it has the permission to not come to you anytime soon. Is this your minds way of ensuring you haven’t found the present moment? In this moment do you have a reason a true reason not to smile? Is something keeping you from yourself or is a life situation that seems to be in dominant mode of thinking keeping you from the only place you truly have? What matters most is your state of knowing. Anything more is a state of I will be unhappy and your mind says your right, so it gives you acceptance of the fact that you are the words created inside you. Your soul watches this and says salvation is not found in the mind or the identity the mind has of you. When you find this it is the off button to the mind. Why not choose that instead of unhappiness? Isn’t it the free place you seek inside yourself?

      1. “Is this your minds way of ensuring you haven’t found the present moment?” All you wrote is correct ! However, you left out that some things are the way they are to learn & grow. TY! , I will re-read in a different mind-set.

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