A son never forgets….

momsonI felt your presence that day… I saw all the love you gave to those that were grieving your ascending soul. As I watched your two boys stand there knowing they will only feel your love stronger. I also saw you flicker the lights with your new found energy above them, you had this energy here but now get to show us in ways that will make birds sing.. I saw them defeated by this cancer that comes and takes our loved ones away from us.

I remember the first time I meet your son… He was a man who anyone fell in love with instantly. He was strong yet he carried this thing about him. Then I met his brother. He had that same thing about him as well. It was as if every part of everything they wanted by design followed them and then they could command it to be a part of them somehow.

I then met you a few months later. You smiled and I then saw these extensions of you and what it was they had. I was quite lost during that time and sometimes I had glimpses of what you gave them.

So here it is the day we all will stand and feel what you gave us.. All of the artist in the room all the family that you loved all so deeply. Your smile still present on your boys as they stood and showed it to those that your existence touched in deep ways inside of love inside of the present moment like you instilled in them.

I heard such stories about you… How you taught martial arts to these students who were young but again had your touch. You instantly feel in love with them and it dawned on me what it was that you gave them all. You gave what most never found, a way to give without time and without any consequence and you were absolutely brilliant as you did so with the power of love and most important in what you taught was the present moment..

Every movement you instilled captured this perfectly. From your beautiful roundhouse kick. To the open arms you would embrace even a stranger who needed to see all the love in your eyes and your smile as you commanded the place of listening to you at attention. Energy like that never dies..just changes form.

When I hugged your two boys I felt your heartbeat through them. So I knew they will never be without you. There will be times when I know they need you, or want to hear your voice when they are missing you as they will. Like today Feb 12, 2013 when we went out to your burial. I knew you were the wind that kept blowing lightly to dry the tears that flowed. You placed a light over all of us within the sun to warm on a day that would have been normally cold. We love you Sandra. We know that you are always everywhere and always bringing heaven to us to allow us to experience your love in any given moment… But most of all this present moment.

This post is dedicated to a phenomenal woman who left us two phenomenal gifts… Her sons..

Deangelo & Delarisco

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