Relationship advice… How successful will your relationships be?

Chain BreakingRising above thought…  Awakening…


If you think you have found a post that will answer it all..  You have stumbled into the minds need for more.  I will be more when I awaken.. I will be in the promised land of the place this journey continually has been on to feel more alive.  How can you be anymore alive than to just realize you are not in the exact place you are supposed to be?


If your need for more continues, so does the minds need to keep you from any truth you will never experience more fully.  The active pain body that tells you that you are in a search for more as a way to heal, you have identified with a place inside the mind that keeps the pain alive.  You can’t feel this, you can only think it. Of course it will give you emotion to feel it yet it is false pain created in the mind.  The more you try to remove it, the more you activate it and not really ever face that it is to be surrendered to.


I have pain, it is real, it is not dormant it is still as active as I surrender to it. I don’t allow myself to contain any pain that should not be released. If I feel the need to cry why stop it, I don’t contain laughter why would crying be any different?  If I don’t accept it fully aren’t I saving some for later?  I fear that I am not going to leave a place inside for others to find the right path as I was led to in my thinking.


I am neither thought nor thinking. I am a being of love discovered as we all are. I can accept this as my meditation.  What you do in meditation is the same as you do in all things yet not in the mental image the mind makes it out to be. Ever driven home not even remembering the ride there?  This is the mental place I am speaking about.


Stillness of you… isn’t interesting enough it won’t sustain the places of consciousness that is free of thought, fully awake, and fully present.  This doesn’t mean you will not think again.  You can be deeply rooted in the state of being and control your thoughts.  You will emerge more fully how you speak, how you touch, how you feel.  This may look like you are able to be free of all things. Well, as this goes far beyond the ego, the need for the ego to be in command of the being that you are.  All the dialogue that goes on in the head is rendered in real time, something that is incessant enough to keep you from the place of the present moment.


The whole little me and who I am as a sense of self that will always feel uncomfortable in the present moment. Is this you?  It is as though something more should be coming or going on.  Here is the mind..  Yes, this is much more relaxing yet I am missing something.. something is going on here or there.  How will I impact anything if I don’t have a place to point to in what it is that I am wanting in my life.  You have no salvation in this.. You will have no salvation coming because of this.  You see, you are giving the same mental me the power to condemn you to the same place you want to escape from.


How can I accept this as real?  What is real?  What is the state of the present moment if you have no content to look at in the mind to never see what is real and want is not real?  You are the being that is here.  You have a relationship with the present moment.  Let me make sure I am clear on this.



Is it true that if you can’t ever have a successful relationship with the present moment you are missing true love?


How can you have a successful relationship with another outside of that?  Do you see how you accept this moment fully is how you will treat all relationships in your life.



The time bound me is the ego that continually will keep you in time of labeled experiences in your existence. How can all the relationships you have in your life have you more fully without this very thing?


The future will be an enemy and the past will be the villain that got away.  Which do you want to chose? What about the hero you are of right now?



You see, you get to turn every prisoner loose in the now, regardless of past or future.


You get to see the world through the eyes of the being that you are in this moment. You can save anyone with super speed, super sight, super touch. and all the elements of the unimaginable because you let go of the time bound self that was never you to begin with.


What if we made it a choice to teach this in school to all children 4 years of age and up?  How MUCH healing would be felt in the world as those beings emerged into leader’s, entrepreneurs, teachers, etc..  How do we decide when enough is enough with the current mode of thinking and we accept that we can’t have any answers until we decide the present moment is the greatest teacher of all the things we miss?


There will always be a yes but…  See even your mind will seek to find an answer to what was just stated here.  You can’t evaluate this from thought. You evaluate this in the aliveness in being.


In your soul from your soul to be of soul.


How is your relationship with the present moment?  Is it your enemy? Is it your friend? Are you fighting everything and missing it?


If I remove all the mental noise of thoughts isn’t that the place of love I want to give anyone who comes into presence with me?


How do you touch those around you in your existence now?




One last question for your mind to have before I allow this to resonate in you.


I am the relationship that I will never be without. How do I feel about myself now that I have admitted to the very thing no one ever told me I would need to have and would never be without?



Yes this is something you never asked yourself and now you have cause you had to read it inside.  Now try reading it out loud to see who answers you from inside of you?




What is my relationship with myself?  What does it feel like?  Is this what it is like to have a relationship with me?


Powerful message is it not?


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16 thoughts on “Relationship advice… How successful will your relationships be?

    1. You are not alone in your car… you are never alone just inside the mind you are.. but that in itself is false. Love is in the smile you have as you read this! 😉 ❤

  1. Hey! Someone in my Myspace group shared this site with
    us so I came to check it out. I’m definitely enjoying the information. I’m bookmarking and will be tweeting this
    to my followers! Great blog and great design.

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