WAKE UP the passion is in you!

passionPassion… ok let’s talk about it. I often find myself passionate about many of things especially when it comes to spirituality but you probably wonder in a twin flame union what does this feel like. Ok, I am going to explain something here.. It may be hard to follow as all my post can be but I am going to try and bring you through this to understand how we embrace this in every moment.


Ever been in the kitchen and you walk past each other as strangers would be. Have you glimpsed out of the corner of your eye and thought to yourself.  Does he or she even know I am in her or his space right now.  Well… we don’t ignore that.. as a matter of fact. If I go near her anymore than I am right now.. It’s on… Yes I mean it. See we are creatures within the nature that is sensual and sexual to connect don’t get us wrong at all we can’t stop touching each other in every way. Not just the act but the connection itself. I would say the average male thinks about sex all day as at this point most women do the same. It is the way in which sex is thought about that I feel makes the difference. Some see some sexy moment that consist of romantic gestures others see raw animalistic sex.  No matter who you are something in you does call to this in some way.


If you are married how many times a day do you let this escape the nature of the beast of what it means to feel another and to be in sync with them?


You see we allow the excuse of life situations to consume!  Is this your answer?  If you find that you are doing this you do have the ability to stop this.  You just have to become present in this moment and realize it is more than a text message, it is more than a phone call.  Nothing can stop you from going to them and showing them directly how you feel.  Do you see how this can be something that is a choice?  Do you see now how often you can make it something that you chose to do rather than something you run from?


It simply can happen like it did just now as I closed my eyes and saw her eyes and realized there is no other home for me but in her eyes. I already allow myself to feel her lips.. feel her hands clasp into my own. Feel her heartbeat as I pull her close and realize that this moment is happening. Now what kind of sense would it be to not go in and embrace her if I have been dreaming about it all the time?


Ok for those of you who are with someone and don’t feel them connected to you.. why not make the change just because?  Just because you CAN make this change.


How deeply you can touch someone is not measured by how much you can give them in material but how you touch them in all moments that you can touch them.


Are you taking it for granted that you can? Are you feeling you can only do so much cause they don’t hear you or respond?


What makes you FEEL that your thinking is always got to be correct?  If you go with the feeling of thinking of rejection aren’t you in essence asking for that rejection to be correct so you can feel a false pain that you created without realizing you did it in the first place?


Here let me make sure this just landed in the right place to get the message.  If you are constantly feeling rejected what are you calling to in all moments that you are in?  Was that direct enough?  Do you feel the sense of releasing something that is created from a thought pattern to create an emotional response that will end up saying I told you so, as though it was right all along, yet it was the same presence of thought that created a path for rejection to occur.


When you feel that you are drawn to something do you often second guess it? (Create a thought pattern to think of how things will play out? Isn’t that just a form of insanity?) Why do you second guess?  Is it a thought pattern you created or your mind created based on results that have nothing to do with the present moment?


You ever just wanted to have sex just to have it?  LOL what thought process do you have then?  All the things your mind can create and object to that is relative to nothing not even your existence is not how one should live ones existence.


If your mind is that powerful and it is always that correct. DO THIS:  Fluctuate your heart rate right now without any time to concentrate… Slow to about 72 beats per minute….Ok for those that need to concentrate to do so go ahead…  DUH!  So you see how silly it is to use a thought process when no real intelligence is there?  I am not saying you aren’t smart you probably have a ton of content in the mind that will be useful someday.  Notice I said someday and not the present moment!  The content I am pointing to is how you think..  Stop with the mind that uses you and use your mind as it is needed.  All else is lived in a world no one will be able to see and stop you from, cause it happens inside you and outside you is the aftermath of that effect.  How does it feel to be free from it?


How does it feel to let go and be and just be now..  Hard to wipe a smile off your face when the mind isn’t categorizing everything positive or negative. Instead something relative is happening you are connecting to something far greater than any words I can give you here.


The greater intelligence in you is smiling at the non sense that has been in your mind for quite sometime for you to let go of.


You are now free to do as you feel not as you think the difference is the hesitation and thought process that goes along with it.  Let this go.. it will only take you from this moment and this moment.. are you done? Do you need anyone to tell you that you are in a cage and the only one to hear you is yourself.  Again this is a conversation that the mind has with you.. not you with your mind.. you will have nothing to say, your mind will say the following…


Yeah but..

Remember what..

Don’t do that or…

Wait a minute…

Who do you think you are?



Get it? Do you see the error that keeps happening that continues to keep you in bondage when you don’t know it is happening. How will you break this cycle?


The funniest things I ever learned was that when my mind makes noise such as these statements I just listen smile and give no weight to it.  For it isn’t happening to me it is happening inside my mind which is not me.  BTW, thanks for all the content mind.. I feel better now that I have written this so others will find a way to do the same to their own mind.  Amazing what you can do when you let go of your mind..


Let me say this one more way…


All emotion that comes from a thought process is you making a choice that your thoughts are more than your love… If you say you love yourself, then make no thought about it, do all the things that is love in your relationship with yourself.  This is unconditional love this is the love that can’t be duplicated unless you find another who can feel what you give yourself and add to it.  Mind You: Not take over this as this would change the very thing you don’t want.  As for what you give to someone else.. this is only amplified in the present moment by being in love with yourself to give them this very thing that is love to you!  Do you follow how simple it sounds?  Does it resonate or vibrate something in you that you can’t put into words?  This is the place I am speaking of.


It doesn’t require you to feel as though you have your head on right.. Actually believe it or not I am extremely happy to announce that you have successfully lost your mind!   The funny part is… It was always supposed to be that way.  If you find it again no one will mind.. just you!


How do you feel now?



Love deeply it is the present moment!


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8 thoughts on “WAKE UP the passion is in you!

  1. Reading this, I can see the mind (my mind) as a seperate entity. One to be respected and dealt with, but not the master of me. Not who I am. I can even see it, square and front and center, in my space. I always feel like “me” lives a little to the left and behind. I will digest and re-read more carefully tonight.

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