Supernatural Love….






Recently my Lois said the most profound thing to me…  She stated that we can save all the broken arrows in the world. These splintered broken arrows come in all shapes and forms. Some are rich and some are poor, one thing about human pain is it’s not prejudice. Hidden behind walls of otherwise successful lives, successful people often wrestle with secret pain, never should we narrow the scope of our mission.  Broken homes often produce broken children and it is the kids often caught in the crossfire of angry parents. Some carry their parents secrets their whole lives without every knowing they are carrying it.  So many hopes and dreams are killed innocently by their parents battles children will carry the suffering without knowing. Our path outlines within our Unified Arrow to help relationships heal and providing them with the information and insight to help them find themselves and enter into the state of consciousness that will begin to heal them and the children as well.  Our own union is the beginning of all healing. What we endured, what we have overcome, mountain after mountain of what otherwise others would have turned away, we removed the secrets to each other inside of each other to earn the gift of a union that goes through the open doors of existences.


“I am so in Soul with you Clark!”  again this made new meaning to what she is truly expressing to give to me!”


What do you say to something like that?  Well I say…


With every secret you release, and every pain you no longer run from, embrace your release to a place inside that now has the infinite space to be filled with love.  You can always hide from yourself if you chose.  What will that do? Who will be impacted by this choice? Your love doesn’t need to be in a containment field it needs to be as vast as any universe.  The love you have inside you calls to it.


If you find yourself in a place that is much like a box and you can only obtain four of the corners in a certain space created in your thought process, it is now to remove yourself from the box and see who has not felt the love that is within you.  If you have let’s say a 5 year old who is your youngest and he clings to you and makes statements that a 5 year old would not make.  Realize the impact and the depth of what I am saying to you is that you need to show the 5 year old that loves dreams can come true without being held captive by your thoughts, about the places in you that still stay a secret.  This is the first sign you need to let go, you need to embrace this place as you would the child and then allow the arrow to be sent to the places of love that are beyond the capacity of what is known.


My own mother used to watch a show with Ron Pearlman, Beauty and the Beast.. it was about a connection like no other. When she watched it, I knew inside that she believed in something that was so supernatural and so far beyond the logic of ones mind that it is kept, in this day and age yet to see her mesmerized by it, I felt she had experienced it.  She truly would speak about it as though it was something we could find if we made it a choice to come to us.. So my heart that was given to me by her, reached and reached and then made mistakes as my thought process that was given to me by my Father tried to bring it into my life.  What the heart wants never needed my mind or my thoughts to obtain it. It needed me to just believe and so it did. I believed in it with all that I am.. Not for any logical reason but for all the reason’s my mind couldn’t give me to believe in it.  This union is that very union.  We share in our words not because we are soul mates… not because we are making it up as we go along.  We found something pure and real inside of the truth, and then inside of ourselves that completely connected us beyond human form.  We found pure clarity of the same very connection that others have never known.


We have been given this gift in such ways.  I love to hear the story she tells me of when I was out of surgery and I was having critical reactions to the medication and would stop breathing.   The only time I would breathe is when she would hold my hand or lay her hand on my chest. The nurses couldn’t make sense of it.  They were up and down, and up and down, and when she was going to sit across from me and try and rest I would stop breathing.  They ended up making her a bed right next to me and she had to lay there all night placing her hand on mine or laying her head on my chest as I continued to stop breathing in her disconnection.  The next morning I woke with such a smile on my face and I felt her with me and all I wanted to do was kiss her entire face.


You can think about this to find out what caused it.. yet it doesn’t require you to. It requires you to just know that a love of something completely out of the normal human mode of existence is possible.  You can find a love that is like no other.. you can find a love that is beyond this realm into the many that exist.


I know this from knowing the truth inside of me and facing what I could only face on my own to make the choice that is our connection.  It doesn’t require you to believe what I am saying in your mind.. It requires you to feel the words written here from my soul.


A soul has a voice when you no longer seek the mind to speak from it. You can say with love all the places in you that need you to let go of all things that are not you.  The mind made me that you have is just that. A product that can be written on the side of you on the package but the contents of yourself are beyond any words or images that your mind can show you.


You the soul are the secret ingredient that is ready to no longer be the secret but just the contents of love that you can evolve to and mix within any dream you have inside you. Through this open door is the place that calls to the most profound love inside of you. It calls to vibrations that are placed as though an instrument that was never picked up inside you to be played.. Not until you show it to yourself to pick it up will you realize you play it beautifully.  Another will come along and do the same..



We are here… We are NOW!

Love Deeply…

This post is dedicated to the love of unconditional that comes from Lois and my late Mother.

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12 thoughts on “Supernatural Love….

  1. I used to watch that show all the time, I loved it! I always believed in supernatural love, I always new that there was someone out there just for me and that we would share a love like that. I found him! Now comes the part of leaving the ego behind to let the love flow, holding nothing back.

  2. I have to say that this was unusually painful to read, but it a very productive way. The kind of pain that enriches, not the kind that makes you smaller.

    I’m going to NOT think about this. Just believe.

  3. Ah! I’m in awe of your writing. You could cut this post into 10 smaller ones and each would still contain too much depth to digest.

    What you have with Lois is precious. What a beautiful connection.

      1. Deeply Honored and flattered you loved the post and that you felt what it was saying. Thank you my friend.. from the depths of where I am and what is within me! I am glad you came by JumpingLara… are you writing on both pages now?

  4. Clark, Clark, Clark…. I am in awe of you..I am by no means perplexed and in wonder of your mind and your words.. what you write is amazing! It makes us view the world in ways we never thought possible.. it makes me want to be a better human being and fix the world with small actions.. thank you for sharing. 🙂

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