The Dream….



This following post was shown to me by my son.. I really was blown away.. as I didn’t understand his thoughts on some things as of late.. Wanting to leave College his Jr. Year and not really in sync with what must be going through him as of late.. He showed me this and since I have watched it a few times.  I seldom hear thoughts in my mind.. but this really was eye opening how this was put.  I am not going to say much as it speaks for itself.  Thank you my dear son, for not just the amazing man you have become but for the amazing man who makes me see your vision. You truly will be the most brilliant public speaker as you shared this with me and I see this in you!

With love,


7 thoughts on “The Dream….

  1. Reblogged this on Iamforchange's Blog and commented:
    Loved the video and the thoughts expressed I wish to thank my dear friend Mr. CK and his son for sharing it as well as the love in the sentiment behind it. I have watched it several times and must say I can feel the inspiration and love in this young mans heart.

  2. Short-skirted secretaries sleeping their way to the top? Scandalous!

    I like the spirit. Does he have a plan, though? Your son. It sounds like he’s ready to chase his dreams; is he dreaming them?

    • I just posted the original (Education) that I was able to leave him for him to always be able to find it. He is actually the one in those pictures. He went to nationals last year and this year is slated to go again. He truly helps me to believe a man can fly!

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