Facing TRUTH why it must be embraced!

Fantasy of course feels better in the immediate moment but usually haunts the scenario of all parties until the truth is told.  The damage of such events is often irreparable causing the choice making factors to spin out of control.  When incarnate the integrity of your actions & words are key to the evolution of your soul.  Thin not of immediate satisfaction but to the eternal progress of your soul.  Without truth there can be no real progress.  Rather a loop of fantasy that leaves your soul spinning endlessly in its pursuit of completeness.

Our counsel is that the truth may be uncomfortable.  It may require braveness beyond what you think you are capable of.  However, without it there is nothing but a limitless haze of drama that will unfold into the ultimate demise of the glass house you are living in. Speak the truth. Live the truth. Claims of ignorance in regards to the truth are mere excuses made by individuals who are afraid. The truth supersedes your current existence.  it is the stepping stone to your ascendance. Speak the truth. Live the truth. It’s the best tool you have to work with to become who you really are. Be not afraid. The truth is your friend.

8 thoughts on “Facing TRUTH why it must be embraced!

  1. So true! Fantasy is an illusion that further distances you from what you really desire. That’s the irony! The idea of things begins to outweigh the reality of things. thanks for reminding us of this Jedi mind trick we play with ourselves!

    One cautionary note to readers: seeking and living your truth can be painful. But, it is within that pain that freedom emerges.

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