Undiscovered road ahead! Ones path to enlightenment!

It took me years to uncover the underlying place inside me… and over the past few years I have learned to no longer let what was define who I was.. what I was to those who never knew what it was inside me that made me lost.. lost in a sense that what I had inside me was true in wealth and of knowledge that I possessed something that mattered… genuine passion.. genuine care.. and then it could be ignored and let to be unattended to by myself.. I screamed inside of myself and was alone to hear my own screams echo.. I echoed in my thoughts.. you know the thing were you keep thinking about something over and over… wishing it were what was before me.. or the carried pain I kept trying to solve only to realize I lost so much time wasting what never mattered… the past.. even after let go.. and did a free fall that lost a life.. a life lived by the person who controlled my mind… or should I say the mind controlled.. that person is dead now.. past on to the life never was.  rebirth is a wonderful thing.. it gave me life.. it gave me purpose and it gave me the love I have always wanted… It came inside me and then when I found it within.. I found it standing before me.. and selfless and without thought I began a journey that is in no way over and no way ever stopping in growth.. It took the passion and patience of truth in love to fall in soul with what is only known to very few and even then.. is it to the depth that I have reached or could continue to keep going to.

Find that which leaves you with no thoughts only warm feelings.. incessant thinking is the killer of the soul and it never gives you what you are truly here for… Venture on.. Venture out and be true to what is before you and it will be true to you back.

Deceit only brings you deceit returned.. send out what you wish to receive not from thought but with the other part.  The true essence of you.  It is a gift that we give and it is a gift that can’t be destroyed.. not even in the darkness.. darkness can’t survive in the light.  and only the light is what levitates you and brings you to that energy that you were meant to mate with for lifetimes… Every kiss and touch is that much stronger in this light.. wish for it and it will find you.. but be sincere in your wish.. and realize chasing things that are of mind are not real.. they are an illusion.. lose that find your dreams… they will unlock you!  It only begins when you travel inside yourself and find it!  then you will realize you have every reason to smile even in life situations.. your life will emerge victorious!


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