How she makes my everything, nothing! ;)

Being simple in love requires your attention to be able to listen and respond not listen and react.  The difference, well she says to you I am unhappy, you don’t ask what can make you happy?  You actually do something about it.  If you know how you feel about her, then show her.  If you struggle to know what that means then you need to start some place.  A jar full of butterflies, a jar full of lightening bugs, a blanket outside in the grass that you can bring her to when the sun is going down to watch the sunset and look at the stars, it is not about the unhappiness in her that this will speak to!  But the happiness inside of her you will call attention to.  Giving your love requires you to find it in yourself first.  We make mistakes of thinking to much and experiencing so little.  It is about your ability to find the action inside of love!  When you do each moment will be lost in it with the one you share it with.

It isn’t about being good enough, it isn’t about not knowing enough, It isn’t about the money you can spend that will make her smile!  It is about giving her what matters the most the love you have inside you!  Holding her hand, walking with her, giving her a bath, allowing her to have moments with you that is with you finally in it with her!  This can make anyone find their smile even you!  Just love her enough to see this in yourself, and she will return it back to you with a shower of kisses and someone who will always have your back just as you have theirs!  I am reminded of this today as I spend the day with Lois and her family!  We give each other all each other ever needs, wants and desires!  She is truly my superman as I am her’s!  So today we will find ways to make love to each other in all the millions of ways you can make love!  By bringing our dreams to our actions and giving it to each other.  If you are struggling to show love to your significant other journey inside!  If you are single wishing you were in a relationship!  You have the relationship that will help you have such a thing!  The relationship with yourself.  When you give yourself what you need and want someone will come along and amplify that moment! Just close your eyes for the kiss!

Moments aren’t branded, and neither are human beings, break out and be the you that you need and want everything else will be inside to come out!  Love deeply my friends!


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