Evolution of a human…

The past lives live on in a majority of those that are breathing in this date and time.. the evolution of the human experience is still unchanged for the great part of this century! The evolving has been limited to the still trapped places in the mind.  The record option of life still has the wrong focus.  I guess to interpret what that means.  How many times can you listen to the same song until you are ready to change the station or play something different.  Pain addiction is a very hard thing to overcome, it is so brutal and irresponsible and does have a rewind feature that most still repeat outside of themselves.   Being the soul you get to witnesses this and never realize you have the power to stop it.. not over a period of time, but just like the way your life will end. abruptly and without thought.  The deep breaths you will take in those final moments will sum up what life is.. it was never meant to be replayed over and over in your mind allowing you to lose precious time.. It was never meant to be in pain.. it was meant to connect to others in a way that the complex human body was created.  Again to say this in human terms.  There is alien life on the planet and they are here by the millions almost trillions.  Very few realize this and no longer take life situations as though it is the stage being set for their life to repeat the same patterns and behaviors over and over.  You are the alien driving the human body through out.  This human form was to give life to the soul so it could experience it’s own unique trail of experiences.  As a soul with adamant life you get to try and allow your soul to allow you the freedom to live a life of love.. it never has an opposite.  This was created from asking the question why are we here?? This question took away the alien realization in you and in place gave you the focus of memory to repeat said behaviors over and over again, Memory was given to protect you.. and memory is abused now to keep you from life.  Others experiences become your own and you do the insane thing and allow it to mold what becomes your life.    We are here to share in the divine experience of the soul in human form.. yes you steer the ship.. you get to control a complex object that is capable and complex and can control the human form.. Your soul the light of this human form.. is very animated, very real to other souls that without seeing this leave another person’s shell.. mistakes all things in humanity as just another way of life.. it sees it as a passage that really is unnecessary in life. The energy that keeps your human form going never ends it does leave it’s human form and becomes free as it was when it was placed inside a human form.

I no longer see the point to find answers that are inside of me on the outside.. that would in essence take me away from the very reason I came to this planet.. I came to this human form.  I came because of the way I love uniquely and without seeing an ending to it.. It’s blissful state is there for the taking.. why you ask.. cause of humanities need to ignore that it can be obtained.. it can not only be obtained it can be taken to a level that has not been captured in human form.  You can live the life of a soul that is no longer held down by repeated taught behavior that no longer matters.  The dark spots of past experiences lived or told about not making choices that are based off of this.  Let those go.. they are not you.. you are the divine.. all you have to do is look inside. don’t judge, don’t wait for a thought to take you away from it, just realize all the moving parts to you are a functioning machine and you are at the wheel.  You actually get to make choices to decide what to live with.. or without.. and it will not take thought to do this.. thought is again inherited cause you were shown this early at birth to use your mind in your life.. there is something deeper and more powerful and it doesn’t leave you vulnerable it makes you stronger than you can imagine.  This core is untouched in life.. we ignore it.. we allow it to be there and protect it.. protect it from what? it can’t grow if it never lets you the soul make the choices.. Your soul has an opposite, without finding this connection you will never grow, you will never obtain the true happiness of realizing you were never alone inside to begin with.. You share the human body with the soul that was either separated from you or shared inside you.. yes this does happen.. when you find the one.. when you find the soul that was yours and split.. it can split into multiple ways.. but there is always a true opposite to who you are.. and they share in all things.. happy times, illness, hurt, sadness, and a missing feeling that the soul realizes that they must be near.. The mind tries to convince you that you have found the soul mate quite frequently.  It does this because it was taught to.  The soul is never effected by this and welcomes the experience.. but remains unchanged and doesn’t ever gain the growth of love that it was intended to..

I am sure at this point you are scratching your head wondering what I am saying now as I tried to explain it the best I could so the human mind would not be able to interfere or deny that this is wrong.. everything said was to create a change in you.. or listen deeper inside you to make a connection to the truth.. the truth is.. aliens have landed but they are choosing to stay inside their ships and not make any connection as that was the true mission they chose to try.  When do you venture into the unknown.. the moment this makes sense to you.  when is that.  That can only be when you realize that now is the only moment you can.  Thinking about it gives control to that same very thing that needed to be changed.. will it to change it.. not think it to repeat it!

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19 thoughts on “Evolution of a human…

  1. I knocked myself and asked my brains, do you mind if I inquire what did you find, inside my heart or within my soul..how many characters talked to you and told you something , rather everything and anything differently..instead of an answer ..I asked..me..who are you? How you got free..

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