When my soul broke through! August 2008

The darkness of sleep… I heard a stronger voice of that which has been growing for quite sometime.. this voice of my soul… sometimes it came through strong as though it had 200 voices in unison… but it also can be quiet… it said something so deep within me… it said no longer are you the person that the past created with your thoughts… you are now understanding that this part of you is you…  It woke me as though to say finally be awake… I feel awake now… but awake has a different meaning.. not about what I want to say.. it is a general feeling of just feeling… no thoughts.. if you can hold onto your feelings without allowing your thoughts to analyze it… manipulate it.. or any of the things your mind can do, you will find something within yourself that says this is your true essence… this is who you are and are meant to be… nothing more… nothing less.. but nothing is everything… You get it? do you understand what I am truly saying here… the thoughts we keep are destructive… allow yourself to think for a second of who you are at this point in your life.. your thoughts will show you your past… not the present moment or the future… just because the mind is a database for past moments in your life does it truly tell the story of who you are at this present moment… I don’t feel that it is… it never can be… so start with this… let every moment in you going forward be the defining moment of the light of being of who you are… not your hard drive you keep in your head to help you repeat the historical patterns of the you that your mind says you are…. do you get that? so how do we teach this to our children so that their lives are as blissful as we have found our lives to be the moment we embrace this?? you will find this difficult at first… but you will soon find the off button… and you will be able to turn this off anytime you wish even without trying… find it… it is in the dark on the wall next to the place you found it once before when you truly were living in the moments you were laughing… crying… any emotion you can think up.. that is the pathway to it as long as it wasn’t your thoughts that got you there!  I am done for the day maybe tomorrow will bring something more… it looks like it will storm!

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