Soul Mate Myths…..

Heard any good Soul Mate myths lately???

The cold truth is that most people have never known the inner radiance of their own soul. Instead, they cling to the many myths about the soul mate relationship that are simply not true. These false beliefs need to be understood. Here are just a few.

Myth One

Many people believe that they will find their soul simply by



hoping and


They feel that somehow this person will come along and make them eternally happy. This is the most naive of all the soul mate myths.

Myth Two

Others tend to rely upon how much they are attracted to another person to determine if they are their soul mate or not. The truth is that our attractions are very deceiving. The myth is that we can trust our feelings of attraction, as if our feelings are a validation of the facts.

Further, the attraction you may have for someone could actually be a fatal attraction without you even realizing it. You may think a person is your soul mate, but you could simply be sexually obsessed with them.

Myth Three

Why are so many of us looking for a soul mate when we don’t have any capacity for true heart intimacy? Even if our soul mate actually does appear, we become so terrified of giving our heart to them that we run 100 miles in the other direction. The unconscious myth here seems to be that we can find our soul mate without surrendering our heart.

Myth Four

Another myth is that we would recognize our soul mate if we met them. We fail to realize that if our soul mate reflects our soul, and we are unable to feel our own inner radiance — don’t really love ourself or know who we are — then we will be unable to recognize him/her. In act, you could know such a person for years without even recognizing that they are your soul mate.

So, how do you find your soul mate?

If we really do want to find our soul mate, we must realize that we have to awaken to a greater capacity for surrendering our heart. By surrendering our heart, we will know the wound of love as well as the profound sense of intimacy that comes with it. This can still be seen as whatever you see it to be!  Knowing knows that something more exist, unless or until you surrender to the mind dominance that tells you otherwise you will miss it!  Image

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4 thoughts on “Soul Mate Myths…..

  1. The wound of love. Wow. I never thought of it that way, but it fits well. I have contemplated the nature of surrendering control, but not surrendering one’s heart. There is much to think about here.

    1. The wound of love yes… It is the past moments that keep you from embracing such a pain to allow your pains to heal to find the love in the center of it! It doesn’t require your thought it requires your direct inner connection to yourself to know the love you have that always expands in capacity. Those that make others responsible who were not part of the pain will ultimately keep the love you gave them hostage cause you allow it. You will be bitter, you will have fear and these will keep you from inside yourself hence allowing yourself to create beliefs in the mind that keep you from a deeper form of love you can obtain. I can only speak for what I did to myself but I decided what would happen if I faced it instead of making everyone else pay for it to include myself by myself! I did that already and suffered greatly as did others who were caught in the whirlwind of it! I had to embrace that pain and absorb the pain I caused everyone else!

  2. Love this blog and you are so right. I recently read an article from OM Magazine titled, “I am my own soul mate relationship.” I agree on so many parts. We must learn first to develop a relationship with our souls first before we look for someone to complete us. And secondly, I agree many people confuse physical attachment with soul mate. Great blog. Thank you.

    1. I love that.. But if you do the relationship with your soul to find that whole you are not incomplete you are then ready to extend that love already within you… are you not? And so many thank you’s for your comments. You truly have connected to your beautiful soul… It was present in your comment! Made me smile greatly! 🙂

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