Surrender to all of your pain… the conversation!

You are in pain,
‘Cause you feel you are not loved,
You create more pain,
‘Cause your heart is crying for love.
But when love comes,
You are scared,
Your old wounds are still fresh:
Egoic Love is attachment.
Egoic Love is conditional.
No matter how hard you have tried to sustain it.
Egoic Love comes to an end.
You have loved passionately,
But you were hurt badly.
Egoic Love is pain.
Pain is egoic Love.
You push Love away from you,
You feel isolated.
Then you believe something is wrong with you:
You are not good enough to be loved.
You struggle to figure out what Love is about.
Sleepless nights do not give you the answer.
Your mind is exhausted,
Your Heart is still aching…
You have to rest.
You learn to just Be.
You accept illusion and reality .
You surrender to whatever life brings you.
You quiet the chaotic thoughts,
You open your Heart again.
You take a long, deep breath,
Bringing your Concsiousness to here and now.
You feel a subtle, gentle, warm, comforting sensation
in your body.
At this Moment ,
You are allowing Divine Love to flow through you.
You are laying in the caring arms of the Divine.
You see shimmering light surround you.
It is so beautiful.
You feel it is real.
Then this light merges with your Heart,
You feel inner peace and tranquility.
With every breath you take, Divine Love
is transforming you.
You let go of self-doubt and self-loathing.
When you inhale,
You regain self-trust and Self Love.
You are allowing Divine Love to flow through you.
It heals all the old wounds.
It opens new possibilities.
It makes you believe in miracles:
Divine Love is real.
Divine Love is powerful.
Divine Love is irresistible.
Divine Love is timeless.
You don’t have to give yourself away to have Love in return.
Divine Love is unconditional.
You don’t have to be afraid this Love is limited.
Divine Love is unlimited and infinite .
You don’t have to worry that this Love will come to an end.
Divine Love is endless and always there for you.
If you just surrender.
Open your Heart to receive.
Allow Divine Love to flow through you.
Immerse in this new, soothing energy.
It is like a cool mist calming you down.
It is like your mother singing to you before you fall asleep.
It is like your father showing you the
next step to take in your life.
It is like a lover patiently, persistently
waiting for you and nourishing you,
gently caressing you and bathing you in Love.
You feel bliss and blessed…
You will not feel separate or alone again.
You have already merged into Divine Love.
You have Union and Communion with the Divine.
The light is always around you to guide you and embrace you.
Your eyes are radiant again with new hope.
You see yourself as the Divine sees you.
You see the Divine as you see yourself.
With this epiphany,
You know you are lovable and loved.
You are the Divine.
You are Love.
You allow Divine Love to flow through you.

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