The Pain of Attachment…..

You ever been so attached to something or someone that when you became attached you no longer felt that without that you couldn’t identify with yourself.. example you have been with someone a long time and could never realize who you are without them.. and to think about being without them you felt a sick feeling in your stomach.. you felt a anxiety attack of not being near them or lost an item that you just couldn’t be without and spent the next several hours looking for it.. and when you found it.. you felt relief not really an excitement as you did when you first acquired it.. I didn’t sleep last night.. I laid there looking at the ceiling wondering how such things happen how we acquire that which is unhealthy and will ultimately become doom.. cause we try to modify it and grow it yet it can’t grow cause that would mean change.. change is not something that can come in such a place… so we find ourselves out of control… a control we never had.. strange as I keep hearing myself say it.. yet it seems to be that to be whole you need to just be free to feel the free without attachment.. as attachment can bring a sadness that will allow the unconsciousness to become full blown at some point.. I am in love with love on a level that I feel no one can hear.. making this statement does it mean that I truly feel in my current life the love I want is the love I am supposed to be getting.. how do you correlate this to now.. how do you just be in the now to understand that this love is something you are supposed to let go of??

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