If we treated dating like a pie…. HMMMMMMM I wonder!

You ever seen pie in the window cooling down?  It was whole and it smelled good and it looked absolutely delightful.. Someone went to a place where actually time didn’t exist.. making it from scratch meaning absolutely nothing but the desire to place the ingredients of passion to make something wonderful and beautiful and heartfelt… They took no sense of time and allowed it to become a whole pie that was absolutely delightful… neighbors came by… friends called and yet you didn’t answer to any of it.. you even were warned that something could happen if you try to make this pie by yourself…

Now several things can happen here.. mainly the pie can be stolen or can be dropped to never allow the taste to be something that you will get to experience..

Some have stolen pieces of pie.. and have dropped them before ever being able to savior the taste… To experience the first bite of something magical.. never to get a second bite cause it was taken from them.

I know this seems like I am ranting but the point is this.. when you set the oven to 350 degrees and try to take the pie out without mittens on you get burned.. you get injured seriously…  Some pies take a certain kind of mitts to take out of the oven. very rare as they are a special kind of pie mittens… some reach into the pie as it is cooling and stick their finger in it to get a small taste… ruining the pie’s essence of being taken and savored for every bite there is in it… (boy are they wrong ;))

The way to really get this pie though is to have it given to you.. you can supply the silverware and even share it with the person who is giving it to you if you chose.. but to continue to eat the pie and keep it all to yourself… that would be selfish, evil and vindictive… (not bad qualities but it is not nice)

Lets say you decide that you want to make a pie the same time another who is in sync with you is making a pie.. with all the feeling in you with no sense of time you make this pie.. it is wonderful it has all the ingredients to be the best thing ever.. The other gives you the whole pie… do you just give em a piece or the whole thing… what if some ingredients where left out.. what if you didn’t spend the same time baking the same pie.. well.. that is the question isn’t it……  What do you do when you have been given a slice when you want the whole thing?  what do you do when you ask for the why you are only getting a slice and you feel pain within the answer…

You go back into the kitchen I suppose and start from scratch ignoring time and make the best pie you can…. hopefully not to repeat the same thing… maybe this time those special mitts will come and take the pie out for you……

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