How to give the best gift EVER! (May 2008)

How lost peoples thoughts can make them… I paid absolute attention to those that came around today… watching and being completely present as with awakening outside myself to see the lives of others.. I noticed that people were not present in what they were doing.. paying absolutely no attention to where they were… and who was around them… no attention to the space as it were.. I could do nothing but smile and also feel a sense of sadness.. as I could tell that they were imprisoned by their own mind.. I wish they could see the true presence that they are in.. the state of not being awake.. not embracing each breathe they take… they don’t really seem to know that they are alive… I had to see if it was just in this place or others… Went out today, I walked around the city… smiling and listening to the noise but eventually it all faded.. no more noise just the sounds of each persons heartbeat as they passed by… Me looking into them and knowing they were somewhere else not being present….. so on the way home I watched people as they drove past or I drove past them.. and again nobody home… 


What is with this world now.. we have leaders of countries that are dominant.. some don’t take help when it is much needed.. as they are in the thoughts of themselves not hearing the cries of children that are now either without a parent or parents.. They are much in the same state of not being present… not paying attention to that which needs to be done.. if you pay close enough attention even our planet the nature of it is crying.. crying for healing that we continue to disrupt by the way we treat each other and pay no attention to all that is… Ever been connected to all that is!  Even if for a moment.. it is hard to draw up a thought such as this as your thoughts couldn’t be present.. right now you read this and try to take the words I am saying but it is the words I don’t want you to hear.. I want you to share in the silence of the earth of the people around you.. they don’t know that this is life, your soul, and your being call to this… nothing else… not money… not fame… not fortune…. it is not embraced.. this place and time.. even a first kiss that can be shared when you are in sync can leave a place within you that gives you that glimpse of stillness we all need to go to.. some find that this is the very meaning of love… so if that is… then explain what happens over time.. the kiss dies in some form.. the thought process now takes the kiss and does other acts and truly you are not present… let me give you the basic thoughts of a person who is not present… but what if one of you is.. and the other is not.. then you are left feeling absolute bliss while the other.. well they end up going to what they feel is their reality.. I am tired of work… I hate my boss… what do you want to eat… is it suppose to rain tomorrow… No glow.. just ignoring the nature of all that is… It is not supposed to be like that… we forgot love… we allowed it to go away… I love existing with you… wouldn’t that be better put?  Now in this right now.. I can share that there is more than love… there is more than anything… it is being in the moment with nothing… and when you can share nothing.. you have reached true bliss.. I know it doesn’t sound like much of anything that would be correct cause it is nothing… the point is this.. if you are forever present in your relationships.. wouldn’t you last forever… if you loved your work and were present for it wouldn’t you be awesome at your job… this is just words again.. but what if the place within you got this without no one ever sharing it with you… again I suppose you reach this level when you really embrace death and know that it is freedom that your energy is within you…. energy being the soul really goes everywhere… it doesn’t mean you are dead… it means you are fully present with life.. that is death.. 


I woke up this morning to a feeling of being present.. although tired from the night of no sleep.. I wanted my day to be about the love of people and everything around them.. it was a odd way to wake as I normally wake and jump up and go.. but I noticed a slowness in me that was clearly present in all that I wanted to do today… I embraced a friend last night that I haven’t heard from due to changes that needed to happen.. I felt her tears within me and I suppose that triggered this awareness that is now…  It was as though I held her and spoke to her and told her to wake and we never were in physical form when spoke.. it was through chat..and she is slowly finding a path to a place within her that will wake her at some point.. the pains of the pain body had her caged.. isolated and otherwise placed in a state of hidden pain from herself.. she is at peace now inside.. peace from the pain.. and embracing the sadness of her inner child.. talking to her and reassuring her that she will protect her from now on..  holding hands and laughing together they will do soon…


You can love another and show them love.. even if it isn’t in you to love yourself.. but the illusion is that you feel they can’t see that you don’t love yourself.. find your inner being and soul and love it with no remorse.. it is yours.. you are I… and your I will be the I that will take you to the now.. in the will find the one that is supposed to be present with you then… not later… not in the past.. IN THE NOW…

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