Sex Or Making Love??? Which is it?? Feb 8, 2008

For reasons that were of a nature that my words and actions have led me to stay in a place of peace… a place where I needed to be.. I needed to heal and needed to understand.  The gift of the body and the other parts that are nameless only in words that we give them spirit, soul and being… they are true to nature as nature is true to them.  I am able to give something that is not of this world within my ability to share my heart within this body.. a heartbeat that holds no place in a world where love is considered so surface…

So which is it… sex or making love???? If you are asking yourself what is the difference!  Let me ask you a couple of questions

Have you ever kissed so deeply that the rain drops that were falling seemed to have slowed down?  It was almost as though it was in slow motion.. or a candle that danced flickered so that it caused the light to burn brighter.

Or what of the act was something that felt good?? but you were left to feel empty.. you even felt your body release yet.. moments later thoughts consumed you… this is where time gets each of us.. It never takes the loneliness away… it never fixes the past or the future. It only directs you to a place of temporary loss of thought for some, yet a numbness that confirms our loneliness if thought is present the loneliness is confirmed..yet in euphoric place the present moment, that we are just sharing something that is of a physical nature..   To be in the true moment of making love wouldn’t we not ever seek it elsewhere??

Wouldn’t we determine that we are made of the same energy and do something that confines us to that energy and allows it to glow at a uncontrolled rate?  If you aren’t able to share what is already within you… if you aren’t able to even understand what I am saying then you must not be inside of you when this moment happens to you.. you can hide from it.. or you can continue to let this be an act of selflessness that it continues to be.. you are who you chose to let be within you… when you share yourself in this way.. you share a small part of the overall feeling that is within you… I have not and do not and will not… I am not of this nature.. this nature is taught.. it is learned it is explored and it is exposed to be something that can hurt.. can cause you to think… don’t think… don’t hinder a part of you that is to be.. I hurt… I bleed.. I live under a world of a world that can breathe this energy if it decides too…

With all the thinking the world does.. it makes no sense to cry out in words that only will inject thought.. that was not the purpose of this.. if you feel you are not generating energy.. generating heat… generating love.. Then why continue to do what is not within you to do? Say what you need to release.. let your true feelings come out and heal within.. don’t do it for sake of doing it.. make it a point to share something more besides the physical being.. it can bond you.. it can make you heal… it can’t complete you.. only you can make you whole.. and you can share that wholeness with another.. then you can be complete…find your love within.. inner peace.. inner being.. your souls cry to touch.. your souls cry for passion… passion is all there is to release this energy.. all there is to release the true you… find what you will within this blog.. but also let your feelings come to surface.. let your heart find it’s purpose.. be it alone or with the love you have within your life.. be at one with you.. be at one with love.. make love.. no sex.. sex is easy.. sex is not real.. there is energy involved but it is pointless.. make love.. let love be the only reason to touch another… or yourself…. I am about this and always have been the rest of me is what needed to make me whole.. I am whole and am now finding that there is something even more powerful than sex or even making love.. it is not yet been spoken of.. some have an understanding of it being karma sutra! LMAO well this makes karma sutra for dummies seem acceptable but not quite what I speak of!  Then there are others out there.. but something even more is there.. find it.. capture it.. when you do seek out the others that have this.. they will share with you what the world can’t hear or feel and then finally it will grow it will be unstoppable and it will heal a world that needs to be healed…

Have a wonderful night.. smile and know that God has found a place here within this part of the inner being.. it has shown peace and a place of forgiveness.. I forgive me and everyone around me… I’ll start there!

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26 thoughts on “Sex Or Making Love??? Which is it?? Feb 8, 2008

  1. first it starts with you… inside of you is a place that no longer should be hidden to be touched.. you have to find it to find another to share it with! Do you even know how to start? If you don’t do you feel hidden?

  2. I have once. It’s beautiful. I am now making love everyday, for the most part. Oh and this is Day four or five! That I am a vegetarian! Though my brother said I cheated when I ate a carrot. From landons chicken broth = / Whoops so then its day two lol. I am passionate about the next I am with Being right for me. In all ways that I am. My heart will know. = ) Take care.

      1. then we are all in for law of attractions, although opposite may not attract and similar will not push..but I like the idea..inside we got a magnet..when we get close it beeps..moves us and there we go :))) oooops that is why ,we say, fall in love…it is a fall indeed

      2. Awe my friend… that sounds like a story I would need to read to understand better. For sometimes it can be magnets lined directly in opposite to give us something we didn’t find inside ourselves on our own. No one can give us or take away something we always have inside, yet when it becomes open and it is given and not returned we yearn for it to be. It is a gifted trial inside yourself to find you understanding of such a place. Have you blogged about this on here?

    1. Some magnets are turned in such a way whether you want, need or believe it is drawing that close to you, and in others yearning happens yet in order to turn the magnet, you have to turn all directions around to point to ones inside. fall huh? I guess that is why we fall, Yet isn’t it so we learn to pick ourselves back up?

      1. we never pick it, we like to fall and stay..when we means its over..someone went away..cause you were too heavy..and he needed to breathe

      1. You know how you are talking with someone and you see things you want to point out about their lives…about their lack of fulfillment but you can’t find the words? You just did that…beautifully. Society places too much emphasis on physical feelings and not enough attention is paid to our spirits.

  3. If I was the one to choose, I’d choose love. For me that’s better and loving someone is the bigger orgasm because you give everything to the person you love, and they do the same to you.
    I remember this quote:
    “Love is the name, sex is the game. Oh, forget the name, let’s play the game!” – if it’s only for the matter of sex, you can have it with a complete stranger but honestly, you are somehow robbed like that (at lest that’s what i think). As a hopeless romantic, when having sex with the person you love is what i call love, because it is mixed with something more than sexual desire and hormones.
    Love and sex can be either one thing or 2 different things-it’s the person you are doing it that matters.

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