A story for all ages… Just Believe!

1951 a man and woman met she was an incredible soul… free and understanding of what life is.  Her thoughts never made up who she was and seldom did things ever take her away from the place within her that made her whole.  The man well that is a different story, always on the go always with the purpose of saving the world.  His happiness was always second to life… third to love….  He worked long hours and was married to his life as it stood….  Then by chance these two met.  It was an affair of little words as it was all about a passion, a passion of things not written because that would be another story all to itself.  It left him wondering and left her without her words as they seem to leave her when he was present.  But something was there!  A few years went by, it was the fall of 1953 their time together was brief from the first explosion of passion and was something left as a mystery.  Time had caught them in something of a passing.  They didn’t see or speak to each other for awhile.  Time… was always in the way. To continue to fall of 1953 when they spoke again it was cordial at first but not as before.  Something was different, she was weary, restless and he was still without purpose not sure of who or why he was, but was miserable… they spent time talking, which turned into laughter, which was also the sound of a music that was not ever heard… but they could hear it… together and even more when apart… This turned into something special… as they spent this time together, time was stopped and something magical began to happen.  Not something that was expected but something that was destined.  A lot of things happened to them… some of the most unimaginable things that if I told them within this story you would second guess what could happen if you just follow your heart.  These things tested these two as they found themselves torn apart and always feeling each other even when they were not together.  It was as though something within them became a life of its own.  Not typical of love to do such a thing but even when you don’t understand or believe that magic or miracles are a trick… something else happens.
As life continued to keep them apart it also made them feel closer together.  One day they both woke up… It was a deeper consciousness of being awake that has never happened to anyone… It was the smack in the face that they both needed to realize.  She woke up and realized that nothing mattered not who she was or what she thought was right… nothing was right if she wasn’t with him.  Not able to see him, not able to look into his eyes and see him within herself knowing his soul was her own.  Her seeing this made her soul jump for joy… made her soul come to life after such a beating… not a beating of self, but a beating of being.  Her heart could no longer take the closet she placed her love for him in.  He could feel this in her… he had been feeling it for himself as he sat up he could feel something within him that he knew that nothing within his life made sense or even meant anything if he was not with her to share it with.  His and her soul was joined in a place that only when you sleep the deepest you can sleep is where these two have found each other.  She realized she needed to change some things to be right to go to him, she freed herself in what she was enclosed in and needed to make sure that if and when they were together nothing would matter, nothing from her end would ever come between them.

She knew of his pains and could always feel him healing from the life that he once had lived before they actually found each other.  He was not the same now… nor would he ever be not able to be the same man or have the same principles of what he felt life was!   Her love that she gave him… came with several gifts one of which was to heal… she was not there to see this happen within him but knew he had reached it, and knew that his love for self had developed something within him that she always could see in him.  She loved him… not a love that was of a human’s love but something more!  His love grew to this point as well… not overnight mind you but awakening from a lifetime of wondering and dreaming.  His words which were always strong become stronger he was able to express and understand himself and express himself at a higher rate that he could ever imagine.  Shortly after 1954 these two found each other… When they saw each other after this separation of two souls that should have never been separated from the start… They kissed… this kiss was no ordinary kiss it was a cemented kiss of the soul… that would never allow these two to part ever! This kiss something that even today when seen after 54 years of marriage at a retirement home as they held hands and shared this deep story… found their passion for love.  “Nothing should ever stand in the way of what is in here” she said, as she placed her hand over her heart.  “It is where your soul speaks to you”… “It is where you can hear God.”  “If God placed this love on here and on the other person in your heart and held them together then who are we to keep that apart?”  You could see the adventure in their eyes and the love that they shared when they had met so long ago… even now.  It was wonderful… it was magical… and it was the most incredible moment of time spent hearing about this today as I listened to what can happen.  What can truly happen if you let nothing get in the way of souls that are joined beyond love??? All tests are just that… they are test that means nothing as nothing is everything if you let more than love find you!  http://www.kcci.com/Couple-Married-72-Years-Dies-Holding-Hands/-/9357770/10380110/-/18071mz/-/index.html  … may every day you have be as full of life and love as it is for these two souls that are one!  If you ever could find something like this what choice would you make?

Would you chose this love, or chose to die of a broken heart cause you chose something different?? You always have a choice good or bad… don’t wait to make it if it’s bad then make it good if not why wait??? It is just time you will never get back!  GN may your dreams be as dark as the place you need to be to find the light.. find your peace… listen to your soul it too can guide you beyond the fear! Beyond the feelings of joy of oneness that you are searching for… How many chances do you feel you get at this? Some never do…Some don’t know it when it happens…Again what would you do???

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