612701138118 Jan 18, 2008

Random numbers I feel it is not.. They follow me in life.. when I look at the clock, when I stop time.. these numbers hold true in me and stay with me much like another set of numbers.. never to imagine why… or what significance they hold.. sometimes I imagine that who I am and who I should have been are all tied together for the reason that I was not to wake up until these numbers called to me..binary code can confuse you if you don’t know what you are looking for each represents something of a path and hidden code that tells you that you are meant for something more.. that you are meant to be for something the world has never seen before… Open your eyes wake up. there are signs all around you that can show you who you are and why you are… maybe the code to what starts a nuclear war.. or maybe just a code of what is meant to be within your life.. when you can finally heal.. when you can find in your heart to help others to heal… I watched Rocky this morning run into the yard and bark at what he wanted to show me his skills of going to get the bird that needs to be hunted.. his inherent nature to see what his ancestors have done before him.. what if we are all like that.. what if when we were born we all carried pretty much the same gene within our souls that adam and eve carried… they found each other in a world as big as ours with all the odds of recreation.. love…lust… desire…survival.. feel what is there.. did they just exist did Eve go paint her nails? did Adam go hunt? and hang out with the boys drinking beer till it was time to come home.. no something more happened.. something that we all have ignored… something we all seem to feel what is the souls cry…Imagine nothing in the world… Slow time… stop time… what if the connectedness of what we should be is just that… Eve and Adam alone in this world… coming from the need to survive.. had to spend time exploring every aspect of who they are by themselves and finally together.. this was not in one day it was for years and even in the end… cause yes there has to be death… that is the only thing in life you have to do… They spent everyday, every night, every waking moment learning about each other never once wanting to stop growing and learning together and separate.. how to see the world.. how to share this love they share with their own children.. the pains of life… the joys of life… the sharing of the love they felt in themselves with each other.. it is simple we make it surface.. we ignore that we can be connected… in a world full of technology we find that we want to be ok… just ok to get by… but ignore that we are searching for that deeper meaning.. that deeper connection to what soul mates are truly about… I am not sure who reads this blog but it seems I have quite the following… what if we are supposed to be connected to someone to experience life as Adam and Eve did… what if this place within us could be touched and shared so deeply that the heavens would cry out and our beliefs of life would finally be met.. I am in here deep today.. and the clouds are now.. letting the light shine the brightest it can shine.. I am in love.. I am in love with knowing that love is more than I have always known it to be.. If you connect to any part that I am saying then know that it is true.. it is real.. feel the soul’s cry.. watch what numbers go by you.. we are given hints all the time to stop time.. to enjoy the moments of the excited dog peeing on the floor as they are happy to see you…to know that within life… Eve accepted Adam’s nature and even shared them as Adam did for Eve.. time stood still for them.. how else do you become a myth that centuries later make believe or not.. it is still here.. Their love touched lives for centuries.. and I am sure it was not supposed to be a one time thing.. in any culture there is that great story of a love so deep so unreal.. so dividing.. what makes me think I am not supposed to be the legend that is supposed to be that now.. or any of us.. where does it spawn from.. where am I going with this?? what am I trying to tell myself… what is it that I have healed that focused this energy here… how do things such as this click within me.. You are healing.. you are healing at full capacity now.. The war is over.. peace is coming.. peace of life… Love of destiny.. more than a journey… Bliss… bliss within you…. bliss within what life means to you.. Connectedness is upon me….  smile knowing today could be the day… any day could be the day… just believe it will be…

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