Things to know about a woman

In doubt, In pain, embrace all these things about her and never allow them to go unheard, untouched, unresolved in her, She doesn’t need a therapist, she doesn’t need Xanax or any other thing to keep suppressing the very thing that keeps her in pain, that keeps her from you!  There is a love in you that doesn’t have to understand, it doesn’t have to fight her through this, there is as a love in you that can absorb there for her.  To give her the love that stands her up and allows her to move mountains.  A mountain can move if you do so together, not in your absence, not in your silence, but deep in your stillness to absorb the pain she carries.  Impossible this is not!

If you fail, your love will not give up it will make you stronger it will give you the strength to bring her through any fog, bring her home to your heart, bring you home to her mind, body and more than anything her soul.  If you don’t allow her to let go of those things, if you don’t allow those pains in her to absorb into yourself, your soul will never become the soul that is her’s to keep in sync with your own.

When you love deep and and you love her with all that comes from you in words then this action comes first.  It is the love of self, the love in you can heal all things, to include yourself to her.  If you have demons they will unlock and she will absorb them for you,  When you are washed of all the pain in you, all the lies you keep inside you, all the words you can’t place together to give her your soul, you are not seeing the place of love in you that is you without all the mirrors that are placed inside you!  She will show you which one is you.

Allow the stream of things you were taught to be let go of to be the man she needs, the man she wants

Allow the incessant mind noise that she doesn’t know you to be gone cause you don’t know yourself, other wise she will never know you.

Embrace your knowing self as the knowing of the love you have inside you to know it does have a place inside her to allow you both the love you aspire to have.

If you are not deep enough inside yourself you are not deep enough inside her.

She has been through a life stream separate from you this means your ability to communicate needs partnership.

She is not the mother you had, she does possess the ability to love you unconditionally, she does possess the ability to understand when you share what you didn’t communicate with your mother what you learned form how you communicate.

It isn’t about knowing women, it is about knowing the woman that strikes a cord in your soul!

Above anything else, know that she is all things to all the things you think you could know as you don’t know everything, she can open your eyes to the other view of what is something you never could see as you could have four eyes instead of two!

Realize in this moment just as in any other now is the difference you make in embracing all that she is..

Realize your energy to her makes her more beautiful.

Open up to accepting all this post says.  If it has touched you as you read it stop reading and go kiss her and look in her eyes and speak with your eyes only.  Stop taking this moment for granted for she needs you and wants you and to make that more you need to be in this moment with her not her or your own past or future.

Love is the eternal light of being all things god, If you share this with her then you are absorbing her soul into your own to find that very thing.

Love deeply this may be your last moment to do so!!!!

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9 thoughts on “Things to know about a woman

  1. I found this beautiful. Being married for so long and having had to fight demons of my own it touched me. My husband for awhile was at a loss and so was I and I finally realized I had to love myself enough to find help. Once I did I was able to finally see the love my husband had for me, to finally feel the logic that goes along with love. We are all imperfect and we all have a different language of love, once we understand the language someone else speaks we are able to communicate and experiment with different ways to love and communicate. Forgiveness and open communication, honesty, trust, commitment part of where passion and desire are fueled from! Love this! You have a beautiful heart.

    1. I asked for your input here because you have understood this in a way that is similar to that which can’t find the words.. These are a foundation, these are a root to connection that when embraced they find you to heal you. I have felt this from some of your post, I have understood what they meant! As words flow inside of me as a man I sometimes know them and do them by action, yet I can feel a depth that has continued to find the universal space in me to this connection I share with her. This is why it had to start so primitive, this is why I will never stop. It will be my last moments in air that I will continue to evolve this in me! This will be my mark in this place I will never return to because this connection was my purpose to experience. Thank you my friend.. beyond my beautiful heart my soul glows with your words.

      1. You have no idea how much your words mean to me. I love words…I feel through them…I heal through them…and I love through them. You have a gift of words that I find very loving! She is a lucky woman!

      2. I am the lucky one… she loved me enough to allow me to see this in myself! Without this knowing of love in me, I would still be of love but the depth would be stagnate.. but that is not the case here at all! It is new in this moment and I am able to fall deeper in love because of it! Thank you my dear friend! He is absolutely lucky to have you as well!

      1. Awe I love you! I am working on the nomination you sent me! I’ll have it done tomorrow!

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