The SECRET to beyond a happy relationship!

I suppose if you are not present and make it about time, you will miss the trueness of the soul that you are connected to and aren’t interacting with. If at some point we elect to evolve and not require thought to create separateness we will continue to be alone as the mind makes this about loneliness and a never ending search to make another responsible for that loneliness rather than seeing choice… When you make this about being alone it is a dooming feeling that can’t be removed cause we fail to see choice in what we chose. If you don’t make your relationship within yourself a meditation that is shared you miss the choice to be connected with another and expand love beyond… Hence you play a role of I will be who I am and you will be who you are.. Separated again without any chance of expansion inside of self… This already has shown it will last a few hours, a few weeks and maybe a few years, It seems that we have lost the ability to go beyond and evolve, How can we make a connection of this experience if we continually gravitate away from this very thing. Maybe it is time to realize choice? We do have one.. If I went this direction leaving thought behind wouldn’t that create the same very explosion that created us all? Are we too busy thinking and not sharing enough to realize we can be more than we continue in the current course we make it out to be?

It takes no thought to be connected what else takes away the honeymoon feeling.. The bliss of love is not taken as permanent because we are taught that it requires thought? Your thoughts? Your feelings? are you sure this is the right path??? Are you sure it takes being trapped in your mind to be with another? what if you decide to grow? what if you decide to change the role by eliminating it? What if you realize this role your playing is not wanting to be played anymore which always seems to happen? There is no director to say cut you forgot your lines when you are in a relationship with another unless you seek therapy…. I am sure that I can no longer chose to be in this experience without being connected!!! To no longer have alone thought separation from her.. She is with me more inside and I have a strength that goes beyond any opposites because of it to include these words of truth within me.. When do we chose to believe it is no longer about time and make it about connection as a whole?

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2 thoughts on “The SECRET to beyond a happy relationship!

  1. Remember to live in a happy relationship you need to appreciate each others thoughts actions and deeds. Remember we all love in different ways, what’s your way? So a question to ask yourself is ‘How do you know I love you?’

  2. What can make you happy can make you sad.. In a world of opposites and their degree of emotional responses these actions can cause you to disconnect where you don’t really do disconnect. You just miss paying attention to each other cause you create an expectation that you can accept these emotions in your partner. Yet if you can’t explain the emotions within yourself to your partner you will then create a gap in between you and lose true connection. We can stop at anytime day or night look at each other in the eyes and hear each other with no words, no touching, no smelling, no tasting, almost a form of seeing into each other. We communicate this was with no sense of time. It connects us and creates a newfound connection completely utilizing the greater intelligence within us. It is in sync with the same very things that allow our heartbeat to go, the blood flow directionally throughout the body that stays in sync. It is a place of beyond thoughts. If you feel that your brain can control all of these things while having thoughts about it.. That is an energy that drives all of that.. That energy is the source of all things.. It is there that we are in love it is there that we practice our connection. It doesn’t require any mind dominance to dictate it’s connection. Because of this connection you embrace the trueness of love in it’s form.. We love that way as it is a form of no opposites. It allows acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, connectedness in form or without form. Why not have heaven here rather than making it somewhere else when your physical body leaves. You are connected to others this way who have passed even in your own passing you will still have this. The purpose for us was to experience this before then as it was something we knew without knowing, so as our connection became strong so did the vibrations that showed us what we are to each other not just in this moment but all moments.

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