Essence of true love…

what if tomorrow came and not only did what you felt at this present moment show you the cards of the hand it was playing poker with were shown but you realized you lost everything… would you panic? would you be devastated? would you be angry? would you feel deceived? Or would you realized the inner peace you found before in this quest is all that mattered.. nothing that would make you age! Nothing that would make anything matter.. Just able to now realize you carry a touch that is 5000 fold over what you had before… when does it matter? why does it matter? not so much because no one can actually hear you… but you can now touch and see yourself like never before…

Breathe in every moment… it is all that is real… the intelligence you use to do everything else.. so why create something that is not real… just be you.. the essence of true love.. the essence of the miracle that is you!

I hope this finds you still dreaming that what lies before you is a mere dream.. nothing more… live in your dreams for they are the truth.. anything else will be sadness beyond your dreams…

One last thing… Happiness is emotional… Inner peace is not.. live with what you can live with because all other things are just that… other things! Inner peace needs only one thing… Inward sight and Inward acceptance.. nothing can take that away from you ever!

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