By connection to her I could hear myself inside… The message

Even been so happy that all you could do is believe it to not be true? Did you realize your mind doomed you from the moment this notion of something happening over took you and the next thing you knew you were doing foolish things to prevent that same very happiness to be something that is exactly what it is… At what point do you just surrender or do you not surrender to such a thing and keep consistently protecting yourself looking for ways in your mind to make up something that isn’t real.    What purpose does it serve to deny yourself happiness?

Do you realize in that protective nature you will hurt yourself and others in your quest to make sure it isn’t real?  You will now give yourself an outlet to make poor choices, in other words let’s say this is in a relationship where your needs and wants are met..not just in the beginning but even throughout time that it should have died out already…(who said it had to die, other humans who have accepted this in their own lives?)  You will start to pay more attention of what is not being done rather than what is being done and you will amplify this and start to make a constant routine out of things you love so completely without false notion that you are extremely happy.  The mechanism of being completely happy will not create the opposite as a protective nature in you that has to have a balance.   But why do you ask? why do we do this as a creature of habit.  It is in plain terms called being human!  Being human gives you every excuse and thought pattern to be in some constant state of turmoil, because without tragedy who are you? without being a victim who are you? without a lie, without a sense of pain who are you?   These characteristics are on purpose and give the mind complete control over the concept of time in you.  You will start to collect memories or things that happened in the past to contribute to the bulls eye that will lead you to the very pain you know is coming by self creation.. Pay attention to that statement as this was the moment I called attention to you, not your mind that will play back things in a format of You no longer do this? You said this 2 weeks ago?  your actions 3 days ago reflect that? In other words all momentum or true soulful love are conceived in the moments before you any longer.. which not only are of pure love, but are evolved ever deeply into a deeper love.

Things that could cause this, In the place of moment happiness, you embrace the love before you, you actually exhibit no fear, no sign of wondering where the pain will be before you, However past experience, lack of belief when it pertains to blissful life is no longer present in you when you are allowed to think of a mental picture of something that is out of place.  This can be enlightening cause to understand this response is to understand human nature at it’s lack of always embracing the moment before you.  It will create unnecessary pain cause it has these mental pictures created from history all in your mind.  In other words you will remember how you were treated.. hell you will remember how you were swept off your feet, but to hold onto such memories of happiness makes no sense to the mind, the mind sees that as a threat.. cause it can’t take you away from what it feeds on which is the present moment..  You take the present moment as a sure sign of what is your life, what is your excuse for allowing your own happiness to escape you.  It is quite interesting for you to be blissfully happy would actually make others feel as though you have been brainwashed when in fact the truth is, you have just made a choice to no longer allow the present moment of the happiness before you to no longer escape you.  This is a truth that demands attention!

Those that see this and then criticize, judge and even create conflict and drama now have something new to blame for their own mind being at it’s heightened drama level of pain and anguish and making poor choices.  This is the residual self of human nature that plagues all humanity and keeps them from such a love that removes historical sabotage and future created fiction the mind needs to stay in control of YOUR LIFE!  Yes your Life, without this understanding and acceptance isn’t all pain something that your mind has clearly kept you in a constant state of thought to keep you from that very place of peace, that very place of accepting happiness and blissful union even inside yourself…

Why would anyone’s thought pattern settle with just allowing the present moment to be as it is.. paying attention to it’s surroundings?  instead it needs to go to a place of time that either is how unhappy you are or allow you to pick apart a problem or mishap that is not going on in the present.. only to help you relive the past over and over again.  And create a false pain in you that is even more amplified because the mind needs to make this play over and over in your mind.  Do you realize you have a choice to stop this?  Did you consider it as choice.  Or did you just realize that you can just give in?  In other words surrender to it.. yes allow the mind to win!  Just when you play it over in your head and you can ask yourself a couple of questions.  First, yes I am in pain now and will be for the rest of my life.. I am going to blame this person for my pain, yes they are responsible for it, they are out to get me! I have to accept this and continuously keep thinking about it cause it is something I have to prepare for cause it is going to get worse they are out to get me and only me!!! or you could just say these simple things, I am no less of a soul cause of these things that have happened, I forgive this and will no longer allow any more time to be lost on something that really needs to be over with inside me, To let go and let it just be is something that we can’t do, cause we are the victim we are the now responsible for our own actions, we are now no longer giving power to the past as it keeps me clearly away from forgiveness and the present moment.  In other words you now have given yourself what it should have never lost.  Inner peace all other conflict derived from the mind now is essentially nothing more than mind noise which is created from survival which in the depth of the truth I point to is the past or future which the mind has been trained to see and is no longer before you at this moment. YET the mind will scream NO… all of this makes no sense… I don’t understand… or the best one is I am in control… which is YOUR MIND saying I will have none of this nonsense that is being read!

To be in the moment….. This is the sane way to live is it not? all other ways would be madness and destructive to every extent!  If you can complain about something, do you realize you are complaining out of air, in other words your sense of self is being threatened, or another person is the direct cause of your unhappiness and their whole life in your mind is centered around causing you pain, that is their primary objective.  Not to be happy or even breathe or live life, you will say harmful things to them and create drama to keep a created identity of you alive that says you are the victim and they are the cause of every ounce of drama, pain and suffering in your life.  I am not a prophet, I am not a smart person, hell I am not even anyone that matters much in these parts of your life.  I have no influence to even speak to the things that you go through in this life.. but I have just these things to explain.  You are not your mind or the creation of any said identity, you are more than that.. Your mind is not capable of living your life, it is only capable of keeping you from it.  It even is reading this and finding every reason for it to not make sense cause it is threatened by it. It can’t absorb this, it can’t grow from it! it can’t allow the words from this to be stated incorrectly to even poke holes in it to allow you to see your true self in it.  All it can do is protect and control.. It was given this permission from birth by the way of life humans have evolved into..   You are not your mind.. and only in death will you embrace it.  We look to the stars for exploration, but never look inside ourselves which is a greater universe and is what was intended in this experience.  Blame what you wish and continue to be inside listening to your mind and following it’s directions.. cause without this false sense of self who are you?  yes who are you?  I continue this journey with one thing in mind.. no mind allows the true being I was created to be to exist..  The mind has kept me from it.  The mind when I did go by it allowed two things to protect or to conquer all of which lead to a death that allowed me to finally live in the moment.  I no longer take the content in my mind all that serious, if I did wouldn’t I be critical of things that happen that would never allow me to go forward to grow.. to experience life in every moment.  I would miss it all.  I chose to no longer allow that to happen nor do I give it an excuse to attack and judge where all that is, is power disguised as weakness over others to create an identity of self… There is one statement that falls through that was written….NO THY SELF… that is impossible to the mind.. it only knows content yet it doesn’t know the depth it can’t nor won’t learn that. it can’t.. it is in survival mode at all times….  FREE YOURSELF FROM YOUR MIND!  If you have found yourself reading this over again or going back and re reading any section of this it is a glimpse into something that was spoken to you.. YOU not your mind that plays like a broken record or a recorded CD.. you found a door to what I speak of.. your choice is only to walk through it and allow it to change your life!  That is choice!  You do have one, and even more than that it was placed inside you from something we all believe in… and what is that the mind ask… I can’t tell you as it would (the mind) find away to close that door!  Don’t let it… Be free! Live laugh love

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