Why the caged Bird sings….

I asked this question before.. thinking I could answer it as though I have always known the answer.. I then came to realize that something else was the answer I felt it.. how does a bird know that it is caged? then it came to be that something more important should have been asked.. How would you know that light exist if you saw in the dark all the time.. would you even know that there should be light.. would it matter???  For every reason that should be an answer inside of what is being asked.. however most questions or demands are asked for with no real meaning behind it.. The parts of God that speak in the inner space of self show a love that is the answer to the same mysterious reason that a caged bird sings.. We all love something.. or someone and find that no matter what they do or what happens that love continues on in a place that is never ending.. In hopes of saving one part of what seems to be reality.. the conscious self fights the fight to stay in the light with every part of the dark side of life that comes to place inside the heart! yes shadows lurk at every turn.. and even choices made seem as though they are the wrong choice at the time.. turn out to be the right choice when the coin finally lands.. Our peace of happiness isn’t dependent upon what can be within our space close to our heart but what can go outside our heart to know the space.. The poor kids stories aren’t poor until you lived in the poor kids shoes.. a sadder place lurks in the place we think we got it down..

Thoughts.. more and more all the time.. finding a way to hurt the beating heart of life.. we all wake to experience a new level of something that takes us to the place that we should have been years before.. I feel that deeply these past couple of days.. understanding that what ever life brings to you is exactly what you have been calling for your whole life.. when will you just reach out and embrace it.. why hesitate why hold onto a dream when the dream can be right before you.. how do you know it is in front of you.. dreams don’t take you and pull you in.. you have to jump in blindly.. what about the fear? what about the now?? what about inside yourself?

Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. (ET)

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2 thoughts on “Why the caged Bird sings….

  1. I love the saying, “Most people are so preoccupied with the closing door that they fail to see two more have opened up”. Perspective is everything. The world is not at an end because a dream was not achieved – it may come eventually. It simply means that Life thinks you need to focus on other things right now. The dream will come true. Maybe not in the way you had hoped or imagined. But when it does come true, it will be satisfying because you worked so hard and waited so long.

  2. We even make space greedy.. The bird in it’s form has a million ways to go inside a cage and never even ventures to all of it because it all seems to be content with being.. It sings a beautiful tune all the time.. To be let go would make no difference it would still sing the same! Thanks for comments!

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