A gift of knowing… The universe inside as we know it!

So you think you are stressed.. or you are sad.. or you are indecisive.. well let’s take a closer look at this.. First if you feel this way for any reason.. ask yourself if you are ok with feeling this way? if the answer is no.. the next step is not a very large one to take.. “No!” you say.. well what is it that you are thinking so deeply about that it has your soul in a loop of misguided misfortune.  In other words what past moment or future moment is going around in you that you can’t let this go.. Again I say to you… if your breathing.. if your heart is pumping, If you can feel your fingers and your toes.. Then don’t you feel it is time that you give yourself a break and realize the miracle that is going on before you is that which we all take for granite everyday… more so every moment!  Remember there are no ordinary moments!  So how can you let this one go by without paying attention to the amazing miracle that is happening inside of you.

It is something else when you are truly in the moment.  things you never thought possible seem to be without an argument.  What is even more incredible is experiencing this with someone else.  Or what about a group of humans who all are in the same moment together.  Magic happens.. and the place that you are there for seems to be a moment where time doesn’t exist.

Time the killer of all things that ultimately allows us to not be in those moments.  Let me show you what I mean.  Next time you ask what time it is… realize you are not completely in the place where you should be.. inside of yourself growing, learning and feeling all the things I said in the very first paragraph.  In other words.. you are thinking incessantly and are not paying attention to the current surroundings that are going on inside and outside of you.  At no point are you connected to you in your present form… you are not even part of the scene.  This is dreadful to realize when you pay attention and catch yourself in thought.  We as the human race have been trained to do this throughout our lives never knowing… never understanding… that to be in the clearly present is the gift we were given at birth not to be disrupted by the thoughts that keep us from being right where we should be.. in the bliss of self.  Don’t get me wrong the mind should be used for certain things.. but constant rambling of things that are past or present over and over screaming loudly within you are repeated thoughts of repeated noises.  Ever had the same thought or same emotion come inside you with no reason for it’s repeating sound to make you sad, miserable, unhappy.  Did you realize you can turn this off?

Whole this will make you.. and it will also generate love in places that all of this is where we were supposed to be. Present and awake!  Yes I say awake.. awake because if you were thinking and not paying attention to your surroundings wouldn’t you be sleeping.  You would be missing those moments that are supposed to be joyous in nature.  I watch people and can see when they are not at the wheel of their vehicle.. Funny cause when we first learned to ride a bike at some point we learned to ride it without no hands on the handlebar’s… yes we learned this early to not be present.. to not be focused on the current moment and the place where we should be able to see all that happens around us.  Don’t get me wrong we were present when we first learned to ride with no hands… but after time we could do this and not be thinking about it.. we could be thinking of something else.  and then we learned to drive a car.. and then we did the same exact thing.  We were not present.. imagine if we were present.. wouldn’t vehicle accidents no longer be accidents.  Wouldn’t we be conscious enough to always be present and know our surroundings.

How can we continue to be in a place that we ignore this within us.  Haven’t we been asleep long enough?  I know what I am saying to you is something your mind will argue or take you from at some point.. but the point of this is to place a small note inside you and hope that you will catch yourself thinking and not being present for the surroundings that are around you.. This chain reaction will change you at some point. This is my intent.. This is my gift!  How much could you accomplish if you were present??? There are no limits to who you are if you find the universe inside you!

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