A Beautiful Mind

Everything the mind is stating is something that was evident as a repetitive message about things that are deep an sometimes worth exploring you can imagine if you will a place where you get to ask yourself questions.. when you ask a question you can be shown multiple scenarios that can show you all the sides of the spectrum.  You can experience pain in there although the pain isn’t real.. it is real enough to make you uncomfortable and doubt yourself and the intentions of all the message as a whole.  The mind is the instrument the soul utilizes to experience this individuality it never knows how to connect on a level of the intelligence it possesses. I imagined my life in so many different ways I saw it as a place that I could make up in my mind that would show me different ways to be happy.. I tried to share them never realizing that it was false never realizing it would be something that would come to a slow death.. but death in this case wasn’t a bad thing it was a thing of discovery and forgiveness.  You hurt the ones you love in this case never realizing the results can be catastrophic. I did so without thinking about the consequences.  I realized then that death was all there was.. I thought this was possible in a physical way never knowing I could die without dying physical but I could let my former self be something more within the death.. I realized then I had to journey inside.  This journey had such an adventure ahead.. most would see as tragic, some would see as insane and then well and then there was something else.  I got to be more and less then venture into nothing.  I have since then realized I am not the emotion made from thoughts of the mind.. but rather the soul driving the results of the beautiful mind.. this has such a difference in my life.. the choices are different my acceptance is different my ability to forgive is different and realize that I am not something that is what a man should be.. I actually consider myself a being of soul experiencing this part of life in human existence… in that I get to explore the parts of the beautiful mind and all that it consist of.. I suppose this is to expose the truth about what it means to be of love and in love.. I get to understand how it all works and hear the true messages of inside truth without mind dominance of a life filled full of mind dominated choices.  Love deeply every moment as this moment is the next and the next.. insane is living any other way!

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