Conditional Loves opposite Unconditional Love

Love in an unconditional state can be much like light it travels fast and even beyond what can be seen and heard… yes it covers the same amount in the spectrum as anything known.. It doesn’t need to be complicated it just needs to be as it is. It has been said that love always has an opposite which can be hate. This can be because any past emotions such as happiness, joy, excitement, pain, disconnectedness, ability to lie, cheat even steal or be violent can emerge. Yes this is the opposites to what I point to. This is what is classified as a love/hate relationship. It has the purpose of allowing the extremes of both love and hate to emerge getting bigger and bigger each time till it gets more intense on each side. However there is something else! True love, this has no opposite as it arises from the intelligence within, it allows the fundamental change of mind dominance to be overturned as healing, acceptance, and forgiveness arrive not over a period of time but instantly. This is something that you can only find within and never without. The inner voice of this comes when it sees that it is in danger of being lost and being ignored. It can’t create an ego (mind identification) of things from love/hate it can only speak to stay with the constant flow of energy that is love created and love sustained.

Words can hurt, they can cause uncertainty, unstable emotions and definitely cause pain. They create past and even possible future mind exploration to show you pain in many faces making the present moment uncomfortable and impossible to see anything else. This unconscious state of behavior is something that can destroy anything in it’s path. It causes unnecessary attacks and unknown outcomes. It is in this place that you as the love flowing energy can do 3 things, remove yourself, surrender and allow it to be, or become unconscious to it yourself! All sound simple but they aren’t…. for the mind learned processes are going to always make you unconscious. Until something gets broken and then when it does you will break the cycle. This is possible and it requires a love in you so deep and so passionate that you will break it. You break it by choice.. some have even had to reach a near death experience to find this serene place inside.

Passion in many forms especially intimate form is quite intoxicating it can be felt in the love/hate relationship and often be mistaken for great sex. However to find blissful touching as it were to experience the passion from the deep place of love that I speak of! That can only come from true love it is powerful, magical and doesn’t leave it’s form to be lost in anything the mind can comprehend. This is where it should be it was not created for you as the soul to drive in this body that carries a higher intelligence to allow your life to be driven by mind made opposites (created by past experiences and future moments that haven’t come to be in this moment.) and be lost to things that will not matter in any moment, you will not be present for it if you see it as an act, or a place to be lost, or a place that allows opposites to reside.

Self-Identity is true when it is unknown to you in other words if you say you know who you are because of past experiences, social status, financial portfolio, amount of friends on facebook, etc! Your mind will be in control and no room for any growth can happen! You give your mind permission to do repeat behavior based on things that were… It allows your mind to say it is ok to hold onto things and continue to point to a future image that can be seen as though you are looking at pictures in a photo album even your dreams will point to this as the mind will allow abstract pictures to take place and keep in you to allow you to be you. What if you let this go and realize you are more… You now are an undefined being… you will allow things to be as they are. If you find this place, you will find your smile and never be lost to it. If you are this way and are with another who you wish to share this with… what if they don’t feel the same thing, what if you lose yourself to the mind side of things you will notice a few things, your smile will disappear! Your inner peace will be intact but the reasons for being will go unheard until you break. There is no other way to explain this other than lost. You will be lost to what was, what will be, and never about what is before you which if present this will be lost words to you. Insanity is defined by lost mind never controlled mind.. but shouldn’t it be the other way. Mind can control emotions actually it does control that very thing. The inner animated part of you… the soul/being watches as the mind takes over and doesn’t do anything but run the intelligence known as breathing, heartbeat, and keep blood flowing throughout your body. This part is you.. you allow it to happen. You are you which is love undefined and have no interest in anything that the mind does. You are the light of being the extraordinary energy that goes beyond anything known, it is this place that I point! it is this place that points inside you, that journey if never gone to will point to the source to what should be known as God! Find it in you to find it blissful and share that with those you feel great energy towards this is called unconditional love and yes it is possible to be in love in this state find it to find you and then find another who shares it.

What if you knew the secret to flowing water and realized it is quite simple if doesn’t use a scientific formula.. it uses something far beyond science.. it flows based on the same principles I just spoke of.. It never was meant to be examined just flow. Be as you are inside as you should be outside. Love as deep as you can while you can.. it is an enlightened state and can bring you much joy and your smile. anything else is just mind noise!

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