A Soul Full of Forgiveness…

Have you ever found it hard to forgive someone for something? how about yourself? You ever just ponder the pain of something that you just can’t seem to get over inside yourself.  A place of pain so painful that you just realize it is a bad part of you and you settle.. why settle for that and realize the healing that it takes to forgive yourself is the place where you will find you can forgive others too.. Some go there whole experience here in human form holding onto past pains that their parents gave them, or a failed love experience.. How about being cheated on? or being hurt by a break up that was unsuspecting? What about death? One of the greatest experiences you can experience is the forgiveness of self and others in your life who have caused you such a place.  The lesson deep within it is then shown and the ability to grow a greater love inside you now has become something you can do without any remorse.. no holding back and no reason to hold on to such a place inside you.  This place inside you if you decide not to heal it consumes you and never allows the place of love to grow to higher possiblities. You can’t trust not yourself nor anyone else, If you fool yourself and think that you can trust yourself without this, that is where the other unnecessary drama unfolds into your experience here.  Let this go as it was not something you were supposed to keep.. Yet in some cases your lost time with it is a lesson as well.. It does have a deeper meaning when you do finally heal it and let it go.. and a deeper place of love can remain.. It is this love that can be finally given for you to experience a greater love you didn’t know possible.  It is not the mind’s ability to allow it to be let go of… It is not what the mind has been taught in fact letting it go to the mind means the end of self.. the end of knowing who you are… Yet shouldn’t your life be who you are not? I supposed to find this place of letting go will not only grow you but allow you to become a deeper being in the universe of self.. It doesn’t take much! Just let it come to you and allow it to be.. allow one last cry… one last rage of anger then heal… and say it outloud to allow the winds of change to come!  I have done this… I point to the place in you that sees no end.. yet it is actually the beginning of something unknown.. and deeply rooted in self… Love deeply…


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2 thoughts on “A Soul Full of Forgiveness…

  1. This is so true. I felt like that for a long time, but it was so wonderful to let it go and just be happy and live my life!!

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