Rising above thought.. A man’s creed to being faithful…

As a man of this world… it takes more than courage to stop repetitive thought patterns it takes shear will.  When you are involved in seeing someone it takes the ability to be honest, sincere, and knowing who you aren’t to make the correct choices.  What is meant by correct choices is the ability to do what is right within ones heart.  Communication is very important not just to the person you are with, but within yourself.  This is the ability to hear ones thoughts.. If you aren’t feeling loved, if you aren’t feeling connected, If you aren’t feeling the feelings you need within a relationship. You must find a voice inside to speak and be willing to be open about it, not afraid of what others may think or feel.. compassion is needed to understand not just the defining moment of yourself as a man, but as a man of your word.  It can be said that men aren’t sensitive enough, men are egoic in nature and don’t pay attention to what is felt, as it isn’t within them to do so.  This is far from the truth.  Any man who can sum up how they feel in words has the ability to communicate it, any man who can quiet down his mind from making “I” statements or “why don’t you” statements will be able to solve this common problem.  Men feel just as deeply as women do! A man just needs to relate this to one thing… stop thinking so much.  Thinking causes an identity that no one else but you can hear, it is the deflecting shield of stating I can’t hear you, but inside the man’s mind will always have the perfect reason why it is the way it is.  What if that didn’t exist or we didn’t let it weigh so much on the decisions made.

If you ask any man how they feel about their father they will go to a place of thought which consist of memories of the mind not of choices to be a man for themselves.. not core things that would be felt as if to say about their mother. How do you break the cycle of thinking.. Simple be in each an every moment without thought. Pay attention to the level of feeling going on inside you.  Your heartbeat, your body in motion.  If you never travel inside to feel anything you will never feel anything that is outside of you.  Hence why the connection of true soul mates never surfaces the way it should.  Before their was technology we did communicate in a way that called to this.  The goal now is to travel back and rediscover it. It takes this to be a man of honor, a man of faith, a man of character.  Being faithful is where this starts and ends. Faithfulness is inside you not outside of you. Discover this by a journey inside to who you are.  Stop the mind noise it is hindering this experience called humanity and for this part of life you will miss the true experience that brought you here in the first place.

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5 thoughts on “Rising above thought.. A man’s creed to being faithful…

  1. What a very insightful and sincere blog post. As a woman, I appreciate your words and thoughts and how heartfelt you commincated it. Great post.

  2. Thank you both… It is real I am in it within myself.. I really feel others could understand this to… I can only point to what is inside myself to share with others! 🙂

  3. Thanks for visiting soulsnet and leaving your comments. I appreciate the depth of what you say although I find it difficult to understand the significance of some of it as it is beyond my experience. But I am glad you share what is in you as it challenges me to think beyond the usual.


    1. My friend it is what I was saved here to do.. It is not about using the thought process as much as it is about using the greater intelligence within you… It is a direction we long since removed and were never taught as it is now.. It is the place of no mind where we are all connected.. I will be following you! CK

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